Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Banana Muffin Morning @ Choux Factory

After being enamored with their cream puffs, I eagerly returned to the Choux Factory to try their muffins one morning.  Though the chocolate chip (which looks like a chocolate muffin decked with chocolate chips) was very alluring, I went the healthful route by selecting one with fruit - a banana muffin; I couldn't say no to it, especially as it looked at me through its adorable banana slice-eyes.

A banana muffin alien!

The verdict: the muffin top was disappointing !  It had the texture of cardboard, but probably tasted a tad better.  I did enjoy the inside of the muffin better than the top, which is so contrary to my undying love for muffin tops (the food, not the fashion faux pas) - the crumb inside was soft and fine.  Something was just off on the whole banana flavoring though.  I would recommend sticking with the cream puffs here.

Choux Factory
865 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY
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  1. too bad, cuz it looked SO YUMMY! bananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...