Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scrumptious sushi @ Wasabi

The best sushi in St. Louis can be found at Wasabi. And here's another best: As Han mentioned before, hot towels are the greatest way to start off any meal. And lemme tell ya, this might sound strange, but the hot towels at Wasabi are the best I've used. Literally. They are so hot, so beautifully clean-smelling with the slightest hint of a perfumy aroma. I would go to Wasabi just for the towels.

Wasabi can be a bit expensive for dinner, but their lunch specials are awesome. Cary and I always get the Maki B: shrimp tempura roll, crunch roll, and tuna roll. (My raw fish aversion leads me to eat only 1 piece of the tuna roll each time. Baby steps.) The Maki B also comes with miso soup or salad, and all told it's only $10! Not bad!

Though before we get to the Maki B, we always start off with an order of gyoza. They are so good. Must not skip the gyoza!

Much of the surface area is brown and crisp - just the way I like it. I also love how the gyoza skin is not too thick, and the filling is super garlicky and delicious.

And now for the Maki B. It glows 'cause it knows how wonderful it is.

Their sushi rice is always fresh and soft but still a bit chewy, as good sushi rice should be. I know it's often overlooked, but the texture of the rice is so key to quality sushi!

You know what I love? Masago. I mean, what could be better than tiny orange pellets popping pleasantly in your mouth? Nothing.

Wasabi makes an amazing crunch roll (masago+mayo inside a roll, topped with panko crumbs and more mayo):

Look how generous they are with the panko loveliness! *swoon* This is seriously an A+++ roll.

Wasabi has about a million other fantastic rolls, so it would be wise for you to try them all out for yourself. Kampai!

16 S. Central Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105
(and three other locations. I'm told the downtown location has a half-price-rolls happy hour. Why I've not yet gone to take advantage is beyond me.)

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  1. MMM! I had no idea that pile of panko was A ROLL IN AND OF ITSELF!

    And hot towels are so dreamy dude.