Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Congee Bowery and J'Chanceux Macaron Impulse Buys

Last Saturday, I convinced myself to get out of bed with the promise of comforting congee to nurse my unfortunate cold. 

So Congee Bowery it was (my new obsession), but this time I made it out there at the more respectable time of 12:30 p.m.

Apparently, during the day, the waitresses double as food prep people, and they use the dining room to prepare massive quantities of Asian vegetables.  Later, a guy tried to buy some of these vegetables from them, and it was a painful 5 minute conversation with a huge language barrier.  He did not get any of these vegetables.

More duck and meatball congee.  This time, my congee had more ginger and duck skin, which I especially enjoyed.  My love for poultry skin is probably one of the more disgusting (though insanely delicious) things you'll find out about me.

I branched out and ordered pan fried shimp noodles.  They are just basic flat rice noodles with tiny bits of dried shrimp and scallions.  Super greasy, but tasted fine in small doses.

Congee Bowery is the best cheap date.

 After filling up on congee, I wandered back to the Spring St subway stop.  I was minding my own business, when my eyes immediately strayed to this glass case:

Macarons are just so gosh darn pretty.

The glass case belonged to J'Chanceux, a small bakery that is attached to Green Apple, known for their organic ice cream.  A super nice Asian woman named Vivien opened this shop about a year ago, and she was sooo nice and letting me take a billion pictures of her confections.

I stared at all the options.

What the.


So I walked away with only two (and you didn't think I had any self-restraint!).

Left: Jasmine, Right: Peanut Butter (you know it, baby)

One day, Diana, our macarons will have glorious feet like this.

The Jasmine had a nice creamy buttercream inside.  There was a subtle tea taste.

Hello, beautiful.

Mmm.  Tasted like a fun Nutter Butter.

I really did enjoy the J'Chanceux macarons, not only because of their brilliant colors, but the texture was good: moist with just the right amount of chew and a slightly crisp shell. It might be a touch too soft (as you can gather from the demolished appearance of the macaron after just one bite), but I did not mind it too much.

Diana's favorite macarons remains Madeleine Patisserie, however, I think I might rank J'Chanceux as my current favorite due to the more varied and inventive flavors.  In analyzing my photos, I had completely overlooked the "Cinnamon Cream Cheese" macaron, so this will be a note to self to inspect this tiny shop a little closer next time.  I was pretty pleased with this impulse buy !

98 Bowery
New York, NY 10013-4750
(212) 965-5028
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  1. good gracious, i have so much to say. i CANNOT believe that the meal at congee put you out only 6+ bucks!!! how is that possible - in NYC of all places? like, so amazing. love it.

    that pile of leaves on the table, btw, cracks me up.

    and *drool* ALL of those macs look so good! i gotta try! because you're right - all those varieties seem awesome. black sesame?! yes. CASSIS? you know it. jasmine?! so jealous. cinnamon cream cheese? omg go tomorrow, girl. hahah.

    and i love x 100 that the peanut butter one is such a fun shade of blue!

  2. The macaroons looks so delicious. I don't think we have it here. Is there anybody out there who knows how to make this?

  3. Diana and I have tried to make them, but they are tough !

    A great site for macaron recipes is Tartelette: