Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little taste of New Orleans @ Cafe Ventana

Last summer, Han, Carrie, and I ate our way through New Orleans. We absolutely loved Cafe Du Monde, famous for its chicory coffee and beignets. I can proudly say that St. Louis holds its own in the beignet competition, as Cafe Ventana makes beignets that even those native to New Orleans would love!

Cafe Ventana does everything well:
-Great atmosphere. Cozy coffeeshop with a real fireplace, sofas, AND free wifi. Plus live jazz brunch on the weekends (see pic of the two jazz musicians... who quite honestly look a little hungry).
-Tasty food. From the crab cake, to the souffles, to the bagel bar, the food is seriously top notch.
-Pastry/dessert section. Though imported from other bakeries, you must not leave Cafe Ventana without getting a fudgie and a gooey crumb cake.
-Coffee/drinks. I've yet to try their coffee, but if their hot chocolate is any indication, then I'm sure it'll be delectable.
-Beignets. And that's all I have to say about that.

This past Sunday, it was time for me to get my Mexican hot chocolate on. Never had one before, and it even came with a cinnamon sugar beignet. (See what I mean? This place is great!)

Think an amazing hot chocolate, but with a spicy kick. A little naughty, and very delicious. I'm ready for another.

The beignet was, per usual, heavenly. Perfectly fried and hot. I loved the addition of the honey on top, and then realized I was basically eating a sopapilla. YUM. Cafe Ventana is so cultural.

Here are some previous tastings from Cafe Ventana:

My tomato & mozzarella souffle from when Han visited. Whoever came up with putting egg, cheese, and puff pastry together should win a Nobel prize. Seriously.

Loverly beignets. Not all for me, but I coulda finished them all.

The insides of the dark chocolate-filled beignet. My favorite. Han's favorite. It will be your favorite, too. Trust me.

Two crumb cakes (sort of like a mini fruit pie but gooeyer and deliciouser) and a fudgie (round and moist ball of choco cake heaven) to go.

I'm pretty sure I'll be spending the whole summer at Cafe Ventana. Perfect place to study for the Bar fill up on warm liquids and even warmer beignets. Maybe I'll see you there!

Cafe Ventana
3919 West Pine Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108


  1. WOW!! Who knew St. Louis had such mouth-watering eats! I'm definitely trying this place first thing when I get back.

  2. I love everything you posted **so much**
    esp that chocolate beignet!
    although i am so intrigued by that sopapilla !