Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finally - the Donut Stop!

Han and I have an enormous passion for donuts. And that's probably even an understatement.
So when she sent me this Bon Appetit list of the top ten donuts shops in the country, and the Donut Stop in St. Louis was listed, I found myself with an itch I needed to scratch.

And ladies and gentlemen. Last Friday morning,* I scratched it... BIG TIME.

The shop has been in business for 57 years and sure looks like it hasn't changed much. Totally straight out of a Brady Bunch episode. Super cute!

I got lost on my way there, so I called the shop for directions. They were so sweet and helpful, looking up my location online to direct me to the right place. When I finally walked in, I was met by six big smiles.

The owners (the cuties on the left) and I talked about life, school, and of course, donuts. I felt like their long-lost family member. Now I know what makes their donuts taste so good - a heaping amount of love! That's probably also what made me order seven - yes, SEVEN - donuts. All for moi. Introducing the cast of characters:

1. Cinnamon glob
2. Glazed donut
3. Raspberry jelly-filled donut
4. Blueberry cake donut
5. Maple-iced long john
6. Cinnamon twist
7. Strawberry jelly-filled fried pie

Would you believe it if I told you all of this cost just $4 and change? That's cause for celebration right there.
And every single item was delightful!

The glazed donut was perfect. Not too sugary/greasy (see Krispy Kreme), and the dough didn't just collapse when bit into (see Dunkin Donuts).** I bit into this guy, and the dough bounced back just perfectly. Add the subtle crunch of the glaze, and I was in heaven.

The long john and cinnamon twist were delicious, too. Man, life is so good.
Next up, we have the raspberry jelly-filled donut:

Notice how they do NOT skimp on the jelly - the donut was filled to the brim with jelly, allowing every bite to include a generous amount. And some will probably even squeeze out the side of your mouth. Check plus!

The cinnamon glob (a Donut Stop creation) is a big ball of cinnamon-infused dough drenched in sugar glaze. I cut it open so you could see what it looks like inside:

It is seriously massive! And quite tasty.

When I asked for the fried pie, they told me they had just ONE fried pie left. *whew* I'm pretty sure that's called Fate.

I was most excited to try this (because could the name sound any better? Fried. Pie.), and yet this was probably my least favorite of the bunch. It was too sweet, and the pie dough was a little too dense/hard.

But the blueberry cake donut... oh my lord... was definitely my favorite!

The soft but crunchy exterior + super moist blueberry cake inside was absolute harmony. The moistest and best cake donut I've ever had. Hands down.

So you see, Bon Appetit totally got it right. The Donut Stop is a must-visit. Not only do the donuts taste great, but the people make you feel great, too. Happy Easter, kids!

The Donut Stop
1101 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63125

*Instead of going to my Employment Law class. That's called dedication, people...
**Please note that just because I am picking on these two chains does not mean that I don't love them. Because I do, as I love all donuts. As a relative matter, I prefer the Donut Stop.



    and i seriously.
    that the fried pie was the least favorite.

    you need to go back
    and try again.
    haha :)

  2. also i do not believe that box cost less than $5. that's so beautiful!