Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Fried Chicken Tour - Egg in Brooklyn

Oh dear.  Where has the time gone?  It's December!  Christmas is nearly a week away!  Apologies for the extended silence.  Between work, and lots of travel with lovely friends (Diana! Carrie! Greeshma!), the past month has been a busy blur.  

I have made time though for my current obsession: finding the best fried chicken.  In one month, I have eaten fried chicken in five different states, including a US territory!  I hope that's the kind of dedication you can appreciate.

Last month, the four of us dropped in for an elder-early dinner at Egg, who surprisingly does not serve dinner (closing at 6p), and only serves fried chicken during the weekdays, prompting all of us to rendezvous at 5:00 p.m. on a cool Tuesday evening.  We all shared a couple of deep-fried birds and bowls of collard greens and fat lima beans.

You know, I'll admit it.  For me, biting into a piece of fried chicken from a new restaurant is like opening a Christmas present.  Like discovering an episode of Seinfeld that I have never seen before.  I'm seriously, grossly excited by the prospect of discovering a potential new favorite.   But, oh, how I have such high fatty hopes that the chicken will crunch my wildest, greasy-induced dreams!

And Egg gets....

...pretty close.

It's flavorful from brining, borderline salty, the way I prefer fried chicken.  The crust is delectably crunchy.  It's quite moist (even breasty pieces!).  Despite checking off all the necessary components of good fried chicken, I'm disheartened to say that this is still not the "best."  It's hard to describe what is missing, but I think all I may want in my ideal fried bird are batter-y bits of golden splendor encircling each chicken part.  The chicken is quite solid though, and you won't be too disappointed in ordering it.  

The sides were good also.  Let's not forget them.  The collard greens were tender and not too tart. They made the meal kind of healthy!

The lima beans were surprisingly tasty, slightly sour and lightly spiced, and were my favorite.

After, we had a dessert bite at The Meatball Shop in the form of pumpkin ice cream sandwiches on gingersnap cookies.  It was a delicious combination.

All in all, good little Bedford meal on a weeknight, but better fried chicken choices are abound!  More soon (hopefully, if I can get my act together!)!

135 North Fifth Street, Brooklyn, NY
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The Meatball Shop
170 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
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