Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survival Food: Kettle Corn NYC

Who is not loving this springtime we are having nationwide?  I am currently in Minneapolis, and the weather is bright and just right: 50s in the morning, 70s during the daytime.  It is just as beautiful in NYC for the most part (though the air does smell nicer here).

Springtime is beautiful in New York for another reason though: it's that time when the street fairs in New York begin again - you can buy jewelry and socks for a $1 while eating arepas and crepes.  One stop shopping, indeed. 

They started last weekend, so I immediately headed down there for one thing and one thing only:

Kettle Corn: the king of all corns.

Yes.  You know I did.
Kettle corn.
Oh how I love kettle corn !

What makes this kettle corn so much more particularly scrumptious than most: it is really buttery.  So Kettle Corn NYC kettle corn is: Sweet. Salty. AND Buttery.  Is there any better combination of flavors in the entire world?  I seriously do not think so.  Kettle Corn NYC gives away free samples of all their flavors at the street market, but once you taste the original, there really is no question that you will want to stick your entire face in the bag and eat your way out.  (I've thought about doing that often.)

I've been eating off this bag for the past three days while working in hyperdrive. It really has been my survival food; you can ask me to scrape off gum off the bottoms of desk, and I will be fine with it as long as I am eating this popcorn.  Mmm.
Street Fairs every weekend


  1. i LOVE salty+sweet combos!

    hmm. if i buy you many bags of this kettle corn, will you clean my apt? you can eat and clean at the same time! kthxbai.


  2. I love kettle corn now, very tasty!

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