Saturday, April 24, 2010

Steamed Scrambled Eggs at Gottino

I have been thinking about what my title for this post would be.  Should it be something clever?  Possibly.  But truthfully, there's nothing more clever than their prize brunch feature:


I see your furrowed brow wondering what I am even talking talking about, but you'll see soon enough.  (You might want to make sure you're sitting down for this.  It's quite earth-shattering.)

Gottino is a gem, located in the always adorable West Village area off of Greenwich St.

The interior is warm and bustling with activity.  A long bar offers many seats for casual eaters reading papers, and there are a scattering of tables available.  I went during peak brunch time (1:00p) but managed to grab an immediate spot at the bar.  Larger groups opting for tables placed their names in chalk on their brick wall (cute!).

Gottino does not have their menu on their website, so I took a few snaps for the benefit of the masses.  See how subtle the steamed scrambled eggs make an appearance on the menu?

The second section that intrigued me, but did not make me stray from the eggs !  There were also a couple of other sections, but seriously.  Let's get back to uovas.

But before I even ordered the uovas, I saw these along the left side of the bar, five cups of baked goodness spilling over the sides with giant spoons emerging from a pool of cream?!  I kept staring.  And staring.  Then the gentleman next to me ordered one, and the waitress said, "Here is your spoonbread, sir."  And then I found myself saying, "I would like some spoonbread too."

My spoonbread impulse buy.
But what is this spoonbread?!

It appears to be banana nut bread baked in a cup with these incredibly delicious and large full walnuts and a healthy dollop of homemade creme fraiche.  Seriously best impulse buy ever.  Thanks strange gentleman for making me order these through my mad envy.

Sitting at the bar is the best seating to see how everything is made, because everything is cooked and prepared behind it.  There is a prep room downstairs, but no separate kitchen.  Above you see the prosciutto freshly shaved off and then immediately plated for serving. 

And now the wonderful truth about the eggs:  They steam them using the steamer attachment of the ESPRESSO MACHINE!  See the egg remnants above?  I watched them make steamed eggs a few times, and it literally takes them no more than 30 seconds to create these beautifully prepared eggs.

And the eggs come out like this !  Massive, bright plump scrambled eggs !
My plate features scrambled eggs, pancetta and toasted crostini.

Oh, hello.

A great alternative to plain toast.

! With an espresso machine !

This pancetta was SO good.  It was cooked perfectly (crisp and chewy), and it was ridiculously salty but in the amazing I-will-endure-a-life-of-hypertension-for-a-life-of-pancetta kind of way.

While I ate my plate of pancetta, I saw this being made from behind the counter.  I had requested my eggs to be scrambled, but I think my plate was supposed to be prepared like this (sunny side up):

See how the pancetta forms a wreath around the eggs?  That's love.

After finishing my plate (you know I ate all of that pancetta!), I was in complete bliss.  The service is a bit hit or miss in the hectic bustle of it all, but the food was very thoughtful, delicately prepared and so tasty for even something as simple as scrambled eggs. 

Also to note: Gottino serves brunch everyday until 5 p.m.  Gotta love that.

52 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 633-2590
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  1. o

    life goal: to have some spoonbread!!! looks AMAZING!!

    and those eggs look to die for, too :)

  2. ugh, i can't stop looking at the spoonbread + creme fraiche. think i could eat ten of those!

  3. I think you could definitely eat ten. I had no problem polishing off that one !

    Also - Greeshma and I are eating here again tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what kind of spoonbread they have !!