Sunday, April 25, 2010

Impulse Buy: Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches at Peter Pan Bakery

It was another lovely day in New York yesterday, and I found myself with an extra half an hour before the Poprally event, wandering around Williamsburg.

Such a nice day, even the pigeons were hanging out on the rooftop.

Somehow, as fate would have it, I found myself yet again staring at these through the glass of the one and only Peter Pan. 

I need these.

I had a half hour of time + stomach space + a promise I had made to you to come back for their doughnut ice cream sandwiches?!  The stars have aligned my friends.

The interior.

I asked for a doughnut ice cream sandwich and was given the option of a red velvet or chocolate cake doughnut.  You don't even have to guess which one I picked.  The ice cream flavors were limited also: strawberry or mint chocolate chip.  It took me a few seconds to imagine the flavor combinations of a red velvet doughnut mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich (have you ever seen so many nouns next to each other?), so I played it safe and got the strawberry.

This is what the end result looked like!

In the end, there was so much ice cream, I ended up knife and forking it.  The red velvet doughnut strawberry ice cream sandwich was a solid flavor and texture combination, and it tasted better when I let the ice cream melt a little and get absorbed into the doughnut.  I could only imagine that if they used the glazed red velvet cake doughnut to make the sandwich (they had used naked cake doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar for mine), the crackling goodness of a sugar glaze would really take this one over the top !

After, I headed to the Poprally event and watched the artist print hundreds of LP album covers for us to take as souvenirs.  Trang and I had misunderstood the event's description and thought we would be able to silkscreen also, but apparently the collaborative aspect of the event was him printing and us taking.

I miss silkscreening. :-(

The exhibits inside PS1 were a bit controversial (total understatement) but this picture is totally PG and pretty neat: the floor of a massive room was completely covered with records.

Records, records, records!

And that was Saturday afternoon !

Peter Pan Bakery
727 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY‎
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