Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joy and Frozen Custard @ Ted Drewes

Studying for law school finals is the opposite of fun. Your brain hurts, your butt grows, and the days and nights sort of blend together. Which is why study breaks are a must.

Deirdre, Emily, and I had our hearts set on a Donut Drive-in study break, but God must have said, "not today," because the place was closed an hour before we got there. Luckily, it's near the famous frozen custard stand that has fed St. Louis since 1929. Ted Drewes is probably the third thing that people think when they think St. Louis: 1) the Arch, 2) the Cardinals, and 3) Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. In fact, it was recently named the #37 tastiest place to chow down in the nation by the Travel Channel!

During great weather and on weekends, the line can be a bit daunting. Today, not so much. Yay.

Some of the specialties:
You're thinking, "What the heck is concrete?" Concrete is what TD is famous for, and it can be described as "custard blended with any combination of dozens of ingredients, served in a large yellow cup with a spoon and straw. A concrete is blended so thick that it and its spoon do not fall out when the cup is turned upside-down." Thank you, Wikipedia - I'm waiting for the day I can quote you in legal briefs.

Here's Deirdre enjoying her Fox Treat:

And Emily's All Shook Up (or some name like that, with reese's and bananas):

Pillowy, creamy, and yumilicious.

They both ordered minis, and I would have done the same if I knew that was an option. Instead, I ended up with a regular strawberry shortcake which looked humongous, but I ate it all anyway. Because it was that good.

Apologies for the mess, but I wanted to show you the shortcake on the bottom. This thing was Amazing. The vanilla custard itself was soooooooooo smooth and creamy. How do they make it so smooth?! Wish I knew. I could have eaten a gallon. They put the vanilla custard over shortcake and then top the whole thing with strawberries and strawberry sauce. Sounds pretty standard, but it was really fabulous.

The serendipitous perk about ordering a regular-sized item is that you get to keep the plastic cup it comes in. Perfect for holding random things at home.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
6727 Chippewa
St. Louis, MO 63109
(additional location on S. Grand)


  1. Is that the inside of your apartment? Tantalizing. You need to invite me and Deirdre over.

  2. I have no idea why that says White Pres.

  3. hahah that is my apt! and i DO need to invite you guys over. do i hear potluck at my place? YES. soon :)

  4. aaaah that strawberry shortcake looks downright divine !

    also - i love remote in the custard cup. adorable !