Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sp-Egg-tacular Brunch + Greenmarket Ginger Cookies

After a terribly rainy start this week, the clouds broke, sunshine poured through, and it was the beginning of a beautiful weekend with flowers beginning to bloom!

I had a particularly productive start by working out this morning (I know!), and then continued the momentum by trying out a restaurant that has been on my radar for a long while now.

Step on it!

Egg is the first stop off the L in Brooklyn @ Bedford Avenue.  When you exit the subway, you can immediately feel the hipster sensation that is Williamsburg. I had always heard about it, but had never really seen it in such bright daylight.  Bejeezus.  So.  Many.  Hipsters.  If you find your clothes look too new, there's a Salvation Army located conveniently on Bedford and 7th for a quick pitstop before your meal.

Egg supposedly has notorious queues, like many a good brunch spot in New York, but I arrived at 2:40p and was seated within 20 minutes.  Pairs are more quickly seated than small groups as there appear to be more 2-tops than four seaters.  They did have this gem of a glass alcove with a couple tables in the very front of the restaurant for larger parties.

The tables are covered in white butcher paper and feature a small cup of crayons for drawing.  Many of the customers were really into coloring elaborate images on the table as they waited. 

I also loved the note providing an update on the restaurant's farm.  Many restaurants in New York are trending towards locally sourced and organic ingredients which I find incredibly charming.

I ordered the Eggs Rothko (easy-cooked egg in a slice of Amy's brioche and topped with Grafton cheddar) with candied bacon and a side of hashbrowns as my meal.  It took about ten minutes before the food arrived, but it was definitely worth the wait.  I apologize in advance for the amount of photos forthcoming, but there was a lot going on with my plate, and everything was so ridiculously good.

Can you see the butter floating on top of the cheese?  Sinful.

So sexy.

Candied bacon beauty.

Hash brown ball. <3

Hash brown ball revealed.  Had a nice, subtle peppery kick.

Broiled tomatoes.  Not the sexiest name, but absolutely wonderful.  The broiling completely amplified the tomato flavor making it the perfect accent to the egg toast.

I know.  This shot is so unfair to you.

Bites of sheer buttery bliss.

Oh how time flies.

After cleaning up that plate like there was no tomorrow, I was completely and utterly stuffed and in love.  This meal was one of the best I have had in awhile.  The brioche toast was dunked in butter, crisped, melded with a soft-cooked egg and covered in gooey cheddar cheese.  Like, if that is not true love, what the heck is?  I also love that the most expensive item on their breakfast menu (served all day, by the way) is $10!  I am definitely coming here again.  I overheard the table next to me ordering a half stack of their fat pancakes, and the waiter said, "Would you like sauteed apples on that?"  Hello.  I would.  (But I guess no one was really asking me.)

Then, on the way home, I perused the farmers market at Union Square and spent my last $2.25 on the following ginger cookie:

The cookie was a behemoth.  Penny shown next to it for size.

Smelled amazing and had nice chewy molasses flavor.
Not too much ginger flavoring though, unfortunately.

I probably did not need to eat this after that brunch.
But I did anyway.
And I liked it!

Saturday = success!

135 N. 5th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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14th & Union Square


  1. o.m.friggin.g!!

    you're so right - all of those pictures ARE SO UNFAIR!! i want i want i want. i can almost taste it.

    i want to eat everything on your plate. even that leftover last bite.

    i'm also digging the drawing!! <3 <3

  2. i can't stop looking at your plate of perfection. the gooey egg is calling out to me...