Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Aboard at the Choo - Choux Factory!

One of my sad weaknesses in life include eateries that have the word 'factory' in their name. 

There's been the Funnel Cake Factory, the Kolache Factory and now...
oh, sweet Jesus,
the Choux Factory.
Oh how the stars align when my neighbor is a cream puff factory !!

I walked there after work today, ogled the cream puffs displayed in the window, and selected the vanilla and, the special in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the green tea cream puffs. 

The cream puffs enjoyed a very brief tour of my apartment before I demolished them:

I have been to Beard Papa's before, another notable cream puff eatery here in the city, but found their cream puffs to be so overwhelmingly filled to the brim with cream-custard that it completely oozes everywhere (which I do admit has some appeal of its own).  But as a lady of balance, I do prefer Choux Factory, which has a much better ratio of crispy, flaky shell to smooth custardy goodness.  The custard was light, not too sweet and utterly satisfying.  The shell was perfect, as they fill the puff to order, keeping it fresh and crisp. The top of the vanilla was dusted with granulated sugar which gave a lovely crunch.   

The green tea puff had a very distinct tea flavor that was noticeable but not overpowering, different and very enjoyable.  I am not sure what composed the dusting on it, but I am guessing that it is possibly green tea powder mixed with powdered sugar.  Who knows.  It was tasty and green !  I could probably eat a dozen more.  Of each.  Tonight.  (In my dreams.)

Choux Factory has a few other flavors in addition to these including chocolate, blueberry and other seasonal varieties.  I read on the web grapevine that they also have very delicious muffins too (hello, breakfast!).

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my green tea cream puff to yours !

 Choux Factory
865 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY
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  1. oh, how i wish i had a green tea cream puff!! i totally agree - balance is SO key. and these shells look so fresh! *want*