Friday, March 26, 2010

My First Fish Fry!

When Marie asked me 1L year if I'd ever been to a fish fry, I said, "Huh?" Two years later, my first fish fry experience is now complete. Wikipedia can probably explain it better, but a fish fry is a meal of fried fish and sides typically served on Friday nights during Lent. So tonight, we headed over to St. Gabriel Catholic School for some heavenly fried cod.

What a fun community gathering! The fish fry was served in the school's cafeteria, and by the time we got there (5p - early, I know), the place was already packed and bustling. For $8, you got two pieces of cod, two sides, a dessert, and a drink. A really good deal - especially if you're like me and went up for a second piece of cake (shhh don't tell). For the health-conscious, there was also the option of baked cod (like I would ever be a part of that nonsense).

The flaky cod was deeeeeeeeeelicious, and the breading was great - not too greasy or overbearing.

And for those who don't do seafood at all, they also served things like grilled cheese and pizza. Some little girl near us got the pizza, and I swear, it's the EXACT SAME PIZZA we ate in Texas through all our years of public education. You know the one: super flat, rectangular, with the little bits of pepperoni, the whole thing plastic-looking but totally scrumptious. I wanted to take a bite from her plate just to relive those carefree days. Sigh.

Onto dessert.
Life truth: sprinkles make everything better.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed my first fish fry experience. It warmed my soul, stuffed my tummy, and fondly reminded me of elementary school. Which in turn made me yearn for the wacky cake that was a key part of our cafeteria meals in Texas. I tried explaining the concept to my compadres during the fish fry, and I could see my words were lost on them. Might have to make a trip to the grocery store soon and recreate it for myself!

St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School
7411 Tamm Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63109
fish fry available on Friday nights during Lent

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  1. Ohmigosh -such a wonderful community event!

    And long live wacky cakes !!