Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blazin' Cajun

Last weekend, we celebrated Seth's bday at Broadway Oyster Bar. We forgot that it was also the same day that everyone else was celebrating St. Patty's. The place was packed with green-clothed and drunken people, but I think that made it more exciting and fun! Even though we opted to sit in the dining area, we could still hear the live band in the other room, and it was a good balance of background music and not having to scream at one another over dinner. The atmosphere is very dive-y (and cute!) and they have all sorts of interesting things hanging up on the walls.

I thought about ordering oysters, but then I saw something else: crawfish etouffee! Han and I had the best crawfish etouffee of our lives in New Orleans at Acme Oyster House when visiting Carrie. There is not enough I can say about that place, and sadly, St. Louis's version cannot compare. My dish was still pretty good - they didn't skimp on the crawfish, and I was satisfied over all. But the crawfish was just a little too tough, and the flavoring was too overwhelming in spice. The dish definitely missed some of that New Orleans magic.

How cute are the two little rounds of corn bread? Unfortunately the bread was a little dry and stale. I will say, though, that any place that serves my dinner in a metal plate earns extra points. Don't really know why, but I can't get enough of metal dishware! (the Koreans are geniuses with their metal chopsticks)

Basically, the oyster bar is great for a fun celebration, but I would skip it if you're just looking for some good cajun food. Unless of course you'd like to say hi to this monstrous fish that juts out over your head. I named him Bob.

Broadway Oyster Bar
736 S. Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63102

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  1. This was the place I was talking to you about during our last visit ! Shame the etouffee was a bust, but I do like Bob. :)