Sunday, March 28, 2010

Steaks @ DeStefano's

I love Restaurant Weeks.  I never participate in them though, for one reason or another, but this year, is a new year.

And this year, my first restaurant week was in Brooklyn ! (I know!  There's a running theme here of late!)
For Dine-In Brooklyn, a three course meal is $20.10 (cute), and a three course dinner is $25.00 - huge bargoooon!  So, Greeshma and I perused the eateries, and opted for DeStefano's, a steakhouse that people cannot help but comapre to Peter Luger's but is nothing like PL's aside from being a steakhouse.

PL's has tall, looming male servers, coarse service to match and limited menu.  DeStefano's is more varied in food options and has a warm, homey ambience.  They both have strongsuits.  And DeStefano's is definitely ambience.

Dinner was very enjoyable.  Here is a scene that I particularly liked:

After that shenanigan, we started to eat!

The dine-in menu was a variant of the one posted online except it featured two unexpected additions: 8 oz filet mignon or rack of lamb with pistachio nut butter.  Both Greeshma and I had lusted for the hangar steak in pomegranate reduction sauce because the words pomegranate and reduction and sauce is such a lovely series of words.  But she quickly changed her tune at the thought of lamb + pistachios.  So we ordered one of each to share with the other.

Starters: Greeshma salad.  Han tuscan with white bean and sausage soup.

Greeshma liked the salad, sprinkled with carrots, but the dressing was heavy and recommended the dressing be requested on the side.

The soup was served in a cute ceramic bowl atop a doily !  Buttery croutons floated along the surface and hearty large white beans were beneath.  I had expected ground sausage in the soup a la Olive Garden style, but it had cut slices of spicy sausage links - rather tasty !

Then the entrees ! 

Hangar steak with pomegranate reduction sauce, the lightest and creamiest mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots.  The red onions and pomegranate sauce added a light sweetness to the heartiness of the steaks, and they were perfectly cooked at medium.

Greeshma was beside herself at the sight of the rack of lamb.

The rack of lamb was cooked very well.  I am not the hugest lamb fan though and found the meat a tad gamey for my tastes, but Greeshma was a huge, huge fan.

Then it was my favorite time ! 
D.e.s.s.e.r.t.s! ! !

Tiramasu, served cheesecake style vs. a square slice!  Super creamy and wonderful.

Chocolate mousse, my beloved.  Simply. Bliss.

And then we waddled home.
The End!

89 Conselyea Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2301
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Sidenote: as observed by Greeshma, DeStefano's has the nicest smelling restaurant bathroom we have ever been in the Tri-State area.  And real towels !

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  1. your shenanigans crack me UP!!! so glad you shared that pictorial story. :)

    and sign me up for anything pomegranate!!