Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Croissant Breakfast Sandwich at La Toulousaine

The other day, I walked to La Toulousaine for a croissant, on a recommendation from a friend who likes pants.

It's a bakery on the Upper West Side with a baker from Toulouse, if any of those details mean anything.  At 9 a.m. in the morning, your options include freshly baked croissants, cold, prepared sandwiches (fig and cheese, duck rillettes, pate, etc.), pain aux raisins or chocolate, macarons and the breakfast menu below.

Loving a good fresh croissant, I opted for the 2 eggs any style which typically comes with a baguette but was easily replaced with a croissant, and I added some bacon because it was one of those Saturdays.

Not too shabby.

The eggs were cooked a little bit firm, but all in all, a fairly satisfying breakfast sandwich.

While the croissant is not the best I've ever had, the pastry is definitely oozing in enough butter and richness to fit the bill.  But I just wish it was a bit more airy, with the dreamy layers of a great croissant.  I glanced at my neighbor's almond croissant which was particularly dense and flat.

On a sidenote, the staffing situation at this bakery is a bit comical.  The woman is a bit oblivious to anything customers tell her (I think she touched every box of tea possible except for the lime green box of green tea I repeatedly requested).  Then you have the young gent who is trying so hard to be nice to everyone, but every minor flub is immediately criticized by the chef, who has serious micromanagement issues.  Working at a bakery is not as sweet as one would think !

Anyway, La Toulousaine is an okay option on the UWS, but the hunt for croissant perfection still continues!

Han's Nonsensical Rating: S'ok. Maybe the pastries are delicious, but the croissants are merely fine.

La Toulousaine
946 Amsterdam Ave  New York, NY 10025
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  1. you make me want to go to DD and get an egg+cheese+croissant!