Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yeah, I'm back. German chocolate cake at Make My Cake.

One of Diana's friends once asked me, "Why so much fried chicken?"

I am not sure what I said. I probably mumbled "because it's delicious," but I probably had no clue.
The true creepy answer is because I am obsessive - it's a mission I have to complete !  (Aaaand fried chicken crust is one of my most coveted things in the world...behind duck skin and melty pork belly fat, but I digress!)

So, it's no surprise that my obsessive self found its way back to Make My Cake, because we were not going to let that German chocolate cake elude us any longer.  And I was in luck.  They had it.  Heaps and heaps of it for the fat price of $6.50.

I walked the half block back to my apartment, dropped my keys on the counter, and dug into it immediately. As my mouth wrapped around the first bite, it was undeniable: the cake was awful.  Dry, crumbly, terrible.  I slumped back on my couch in disappointment, because a bad slice of cake is something worth mourning, among all other first world problems. 

What they should tell you at Make My Cake is that you should wait to bring the slice to room temperature before eating it.  That patience is a virtue.  And that virtuous patience will be rewarded with a transformed cake: light, fluffy with delicate crumb and the most irresistible coco-nutty caramel.

The chocolate icing on the side of the cake is different than what is depicted in the Throwdown with the freckle-faced Iron Chef, but is wonderfully sweet and creamy, kissed with cinnamon.

I never really liked German chocolate cake before, but maybe it's because I was young and didn't know better.  While coconut is not usually my favorite, the flakes enveloped in unctious caramel and crunchy nuts becomes a magical medley that's absolutely delightful.  And Make My Cake serves up a lovely rendition with orbs of chocolate chips layered between the fat slabs of cake.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Delicious German chocolate cake at Make My Cake but wait the extra hour for the cake to soften, moisten and become fantastic!

Make My Cake
121 St Nicholas
New York, NY
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