Thursday, August 22, 2013

Donuts at The Dutch & Frozen S'mores and Awesome Delights at Dominique Ansel

I am blessed to have a best friend with as sweet a tooth as I do, so in between meals, we find ourselves spending any downtime finding new desserts.

For late night, The Dutch is a great and rowdy option.  I am a great fan of their donuts.  The flavors vary by season, and the one we had last was the Meyer Lemon.

The lightly glazed, freshly fried donuts really are just delicious.  I like to cut them into little pieces, slather the fixings on, and fall into complete and utter happiness.

 The fixings this time was a tangy bowl of lemon curd and crunchy crumble.  Bright, tart and tasty.

For any other time of day, Diana and I love Dominique Ansel as do most of the world.  While everyone else is infatuated with standing in line for the cronut (which really isn't  worth it), you can freely walk up to eat all of his other fantastic confections with no line.

On our few visits, we've tried the blackberry pavlova, with the fattest, sweetest blackberries sandwiched between the airiest blueberry meringue, the chewy marvel that is the canele,

the made to order madeleines, crispy-edged, bite-sized little morsels that disappear in your mouth instantly,

and the salted caramel eclair, resembling a scraggly, golden hotdog,

which was perfectly balanced with rich caramel and salt.  Like a dainty cream puff but way nicer.

While the cronut is fine, I still contend that the DKA reigns supreme.

The impeccably sweet, crunchy exterior makes my eyes roll back with visions of palmiers

only to subside to the oh so luscious, almost custardy interior - it truly is one of Dominique's greatest feats.

With a close second being his newest creation (a modern-day Willy Wonka, he is!), the frozen s'mores.

Vanilla ice cream encased in chocolate wafers which in turn is enveloped in homemade marshmallow meringue toasted to order.  The result, a crackly, creme brulee exterior that yields to chewy, crunchy and creamy perfection.

It's $7, but it's simply a stunner.

Dominique, we love you.  You are officially a part of every Han + Diana's New York itinerary.  Until next time!

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Just yes to everything, except the cronut, unless someone stood in line for you and gave it to you for free.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St  New York, NY 10012

Dominique Ansel
189 Spring St  New York, NY 10012

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  1. i can't stop thinking about the frozen s'more. i just CAN'T. soooo incredible.