Monday, August 12, 2013

Crispy Rice Treats at Treat House

Fate works in such mysterious ways!  On a recent visit to one of my Thai favorites, Land Thai, I was excited to see a new treatery open just right next door specializing exclusively in crispy rice treats, one of my most beloved snacks !

Treat House makes their own marshmallows, infused with flavor, which they use to make their treats!

There are so many different varieties: bubble gum topped with Dubble Bubble (who doesn't remember those from elementary school!), capuccino, birthday cake, and the ever popular s'mores (sold out on our visit).

The treats come in 2-inch squares for $2.25 each or 4 for $8.  A bit pricey for such tiny morsels.

We tried the coconut chocolate chip which was okay - not as crispy as ones I make at home, and the coconut flavor was a bit lost.

I'm not sure how all the other flavors fare, but honestly, the best bang for your buck in my opinion, and my new favorite snack ever is the ice cream bar.

It's a huge chocolate covered slab on a stick, coming in flavors of raspberry or bake sale (original flavor treat). 

Creamy vanilla ice cream is coated in the crispy rice treat and then dunked in chocolate.

The combination is unbelievable. Crunchy, creamy, and as it begins to thaw, chewy to boot!  It's just scrumptious, and nearly impossible to finish by yourself.  I'd share this with a person you make out with (since you can take turns gnawing at this giant beast in completely unattractive fashion), but that's true romance.

Treat House
452 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY

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