Saturday, August 24, 2013

Christine's 30th at UFORGE with Mei Mei Street Kitchen

A few months ago, Sean threw the most amazing surprise 30th birthday party in the history of mankind for his lovely bride to be, Christine. It was a night of local art, ridiculously delicious food, friends and family (who were all clearly infatuated with the birthday girl), and – literally – magic!

The event was at UFORGE Gallery in Jamaica Plain. It’s an intimate space, and I loved the pieces by local artists that lined the walls. Here’s the big surprise and ensuing mingling:

Sean, being a perfect example for all fianc├ęs, had other surprises up his sleeve. The first was that the event was catered by Mei Mei Street Kitchen – Sean and Christine’s favorite food truck.

I absolutely loved the carrot soup, and that’s saying something since I rarely eat anything carrot unless the word ‘cake’ is involved.

With a light, soft texture, the soup was pleasantly refreshing, and the bourbon cream was an ingenious complement.

My favorite dish of the night was the honey, pesto, cheddar & feta scallion pancake. I know. Could it sound ANY better?

It was equal parts crispy, gooey, and heavenly. The addition of honey gave it a pleasant sweetness that really hit it out of the ballpark. YUMM-O. I kept harassing the awesome Mei Mei folks for more. They’re such good sports. Exhibit A – “when you see it” in the picture above…

Mei Mei also set up an awesome buffet.

First up, the roasted beet salad. Super solid... and beautiful!

Then… trifecta beer mac ‘n cheese.

You’re drooling now, because that is the only rational reaction. The crumbs atop the mac ‘n cheese gave it a nice little crunch, the cheese was slightly sharp (which is how I like it!), and the macaroni was not at all overcooked.

Then… caramelized onion bread pudding.

I loved the delightful browning, and the onion flavor was spot on throughout.  I also enjoyed the fluffy, almost eggy texture.

There were also two types of dumplings – tofu and beef.

Makes me wanna jump right into this pile of dumplings.

Mei Mei also made us macarons! The holy grail of any baker.

These were incredible, especially the cinnamon ones with bourbon buttercream. The meringue cookie texture was the perfect balance of chewy and crumbly… morphing exactly how a proper macaron should after a single bite.

Christine’s friend also baked her a beautiful cake and cut it in a most professional way.

Color me impressed. (And satisfied – the cake was delicious!)

The second surprise of the evening was that we were to be entertained by magician Darren Yong.

We all loved his different tricks, and of course we all said to ourselves multiple times, “How did he DO that?!” It was all pretty amazing. I will forever remember Darren bending and twisting a fork by the force of MY OWN HAND. Mind. Blown.

So, here’s to Sean and Christine… after a fabulous event like this one, I can’t wait to see you in September for your wedding!

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