Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good ol' American Brunch

Newbury Street on a perfect summer day in Boston is hard to beat. And one very important aspect of that is brunching at one of the many bourgeois establishments with patio seating. Yes, attractive-people-watching at its finest.

When Anna, Jackie, and I went to Joe's American recently, we were unable to snag a seat by the semi-patio, but this is what our seat would have looked like.


One of my favorite things about Joe's American (and sister restaurants like Atlantic Fish and Abe & Louie's) is the sourdough bread. It's larger than my palm, and yet I've been known to polish off multiple of these in a meal.

Served right out of the oven... hot, fluffy, and beautiful as hell. It's hands down in my top 5 breads.

I ordered a florentine omelette: spinach, parmesan cheese, sour cream, chives.

You can't see very clearly, but the layer of melted parmesan in the middle was amazing. I also liked how the omelette was thin and browned, reminding me of egg pancakes (dan bing) in Taiwan. (I think I might have Taiwan on the brain because of our upcoming Han+Diana trip this fall! That's right, get ready folks.)

Anna went with the classic eggs benedict.

How adorable are the little canadian bacon cups?

Jackie wanted a more lunchy item, and got the fried fish sandwich. 

This made her a happy camper.

*Happy sigh*, wish I could start all my days with brunch on Newbury Street...

181 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
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  1. Nothing beats brunch at Joe's on Newbury - classic and timeless.

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