Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Croissant Day at A-Roma Bakery

Man alive, a good croissant is a beautiful thing.  Word on the Williamsburg street spoke of a cafe east of the BQE baking genuine, delicious croissants.

The word on the street rang true.

I began my morning with a glass of milk and A-roma Bakery's pain au chocolat.

The crisp crackle of the pastry shell, in all of its flaky glory, was such sweet, buttery music to my ears.  Oh how impossibly crispy it was, with gorgeous layers of air and light. 

For lunch, I eyed the regular croissant, resplendent in its golden shell.  How could one make this croissant even better?

With a little medium cooked egg, of course, to make just about the most delectable sandwich ever.  Each crunchy bite was more buttery than the last, so completely and unbelievably satisfying.  I don't know how they got so much butter into this pastry, I just know it would be a Paula Deen-approved triumph.

Seems I have eaten many a mediocre croissant of late, but these A-Roma croissants remind me just how wonderful French pastries can and should always be.  Serious love.

A-Roma Bakery
475 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. okay i cannot stop staring at that oozy oozy egg and croissant. I CAN'T WAIT TO EAT THIS!!!