Thursday, April 26, 2012

Korean French Cuteness at Bistro Petit

Oh Williamsburg.  Will your cuteness ever cease?

Diana and I met up with a couple of her law school friends for brunch at Bistro Petit one Sunday afternoon.  It's a tiny ol' thing with a handful of metal seats lined along the large, bright windows and another few facing the small bustling kitchen.

Everyone say hi to Mike and Julie !  While Diana and I were busily eating two breakfasts that fine morning, Mike and Julie were healthfully taking a spin class and had worked up a mighty appetite for our meal together.  

Mike's plate of vanilla pancakes came out first, much to his stomach's delight, and the pretty plate came accompanied by a bruleed banana, which you all should very well know, is my most favorite thing of life (besides crispy duck skin, pork fat and potatoes of all shapes and forms).

He said the pancakes were just okay.  (He managed to clean the plate though.)

They also ordered wild mushrooms which we couldn't stop gushing over as it came in the most charming red French oven pot.


But then everything came in charming red French oven pots, and it was too cute!  I continued gushing about them in my head because I didn't want to test anyone's gush-tolerance.

Julie ordered the bacon, egg and cheese bread pudding, as she was too intrigued by the sound of a savory take on this traditionally sweet dish.

I nibbled a piece of this dish, and it was remarkably light, despite its appearance, and the flavor was very mild.

Diana and I shared the truffle mac and cheese which was light, creamy and perfumed with truffle oil.  I wonder if I could wear truffle oil as a perfume.  I wonder the kinds of boys I would get...probably the ones with great taste!

Our main dish was the kimchi bouillabaisse, a seafood stew served in an adorable black pot filled to the brim with shrimp, scallops, pollack fish and mussels.

I am sure Greeshma is salivating quite heavily at this point, and as she should be.  Everything in the stew was delicious.  The seafood was cooked perfectly, and the mussels were fantastically fresh.  The broth was so deeply flavorful, Diana couldn't stop drinking spoonfuls of it.

Everyone's favorite part of the stew, however, was the rice gnocchi which we made sure we ate every last bit of.  "Like soup tapioca!" Diana proclaimed.  Chewy and delightful to eat.

Oh - and the seaweed was nice too!

And of course, it is only fitting to cap off such a lovely, charming meal with French doughnuts, freshly made to order.  The doughnuts come with choice of flavor (cinnamon, mint or citrus), and seeing as Diana and I had previously eaten a cinnamony breakfast treat, we opted for citrus.

They arrived piping hot in a cute little fry pan which kept these five beautiful, powder-sugar-dusted gems nice and warm until we were ready to eat them.  (Which was seriously immediately.)

And oh!  Such bright, sparkly joy!  These airy, eggy doughnuts were so soft, tender and light - absolute heaven.

I could've eaten all five.  In fact, I might eat all five again really soon.  And you can too!

I am a new fan of Bistro Petit, and I can't wait to try more menu items soon (though the bouillabaisse and doughnuts are must-orders for anyone!). A couple of things to note though:

1. Cash only.
2. No reservations.
3. Gets pretty sweaty in warmer weather.
4. Bring your own water (they do not serve tap water), but they do sell bottled water and other drinks.
5. The place is self-serve (place orders at the register).

Now I just have to think what flavor doughnuts I want to try next.  Can you tell I have a one track mind? And that track is doughnuts.

Bistro Petit
170 South 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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  1. beautiful!!! i freaking love that gnocchi...

  2. I think I officially want to hire to you do all of my ordering for me. I will send you pictures of the menu ahead of time. GAH. NOM. NOM. NOM.