Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Delightful Brunch at Diner

The longer I live here, the more loyal I become to the local restaurants in the neighborhood.  It is so easy though, when there is a place called Diner, a breezy ten minute walk away, that serves something as beautiful as this:

Yes.  Soak that sight all in.  I'll give you a minute. It is easily one of the prettiest and one of the most surprisingly tastiest things I have eaten all year (and I've eaten my fair share of beauts).

Juicy, ruby red slivers of grapefruit, savory slices of thick, bacon layered on top of a bed of plain yogurt and a wonderful drizzle of light maple syrup.  A truly strange combination of flavors that makes nothing short of pure magic in your mouth.

We ate other things for breakfast too, but I don't think anything nearly topped the splendor of our appetizer. (We can still talk about them though.)

Orange doughnut. The soft sugar flakes were tasty, and the general flavor was fine, but the doughnut was a bit drier / denser than we would have preferred.

Poached eggs with bone marrow butter.  Yeah.  I said it.

Gaze deep into the fatty of fattiness - so super savory and rich.  My lips were glistening with cholesterol.

It's a solid little number with creamy turnip puree and perfectly poached eggs.

Diana had the country breakfast, which came with gorgeous roasted apples, a thick slice of country ham, collard greens and a golden biscuit with citrus marmalade.

The scrambled eggs are perfect here, and we particularly enjoyed the roasted apples as well as the candied rinds in the marmalade - chewy and bright.  However, Diana experienced extreme jealousy when she gazed at the plate of a bar patron upon leaving, only to see his biscuit overflowing with marmalade goodness.  (Maybe bar seating is the way to go for special treatment here.)

Diner is definitely one of my favorite brunch spots in the area, and with seasonal spins on every dish at any time of the year, it definitely warrants more frequent visits, especially since I still cannot stop thinking about that bacon dish.  I am going to stare extra long at it so I can dream about it tonight.

85 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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  1. That appetizer truly does look incredible, and it sounds even better when you describe all that's there. I really might have to go to Williamsburg for this. How bad are the weekend crowds?

  2. Weekend crowds are bad, Katie. The times I have gone, I've shown up near opening (10a), so didn't have to wait, but the place fills up fairly fast by 11a. Smaller parties are better (as usual with Brooklyn spots).

  3. Thanks! I'll either plan on getting there early or getting there at a normal time, putting my name in, and pre-gaming at Raymund's with some hunter's stew.

  4. i think about this bacon at least thrice a day.