Monday, April 9, 2012

The Smorgasburg is Back ! S'more Bakery !

It's definitely spring when...

The SMORGASBURG is back !  Hurrrraaaaahhhh !!

I went for a little sneak preview on Saturday on its opening weekend and espied plenty of new foods (like Ethiopian ! And not one but three pie places?!), but I had to practice self-control (you hardly recognize me right now, don't you?), so I only had stomach for a few things, and I only want to talk about one...

S'more Bakery.  Just look at its logo.  Look at its promise of mess.  And you don't know it, but you're about to look at some bonafide love happen right before you.

Yes, that was a sequence of photos capturing one adoring gentleman buying his pretty-in-pink girlfriend / lover / mistress a s'more.  That is love if I ever saw it.

There's a few options to pick from:

I went for the Smorgasm, because you know I love puns...and vanilla bean marshmallows...and cinnamon graham...and chocolate ganache...fugheddaboutit!

Then hold your breath for the magic to begin.  

A slather of chocolate ganache...

...and then beautiful hand toasting of the mallow (I hope that phrase becomes as popular as gilding the lilly).

And then find yourself a bright orange construction barricade to gleefully gaze at your artisanal handmade s'more.

The graham cracker was soft, sweetened with a dusting of sugar and cinnamon. The marshmallow oozed effortlessly out onto my fingers, and it was indeed a gushy, crazy, messy fun treat to eat.  

Hurray for the return of the Smorgasburg ! 

N 7th & Kent
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. ugh, i can smell the beauty of the burnt sugar from here!! WAAAANT.