Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Twisted Baker

With a name like The Twisted Baker, it was only a matter of time before I had to check out this interesting little joint. Dan and I walked to this bakery a few months ago on a leisurely Saturday morning, and it was definitely a treat!

First impression: so cute!

Second impression: cupcakes freshly frosted to order? Yes, please.

We both got the chipotle cheddar biscuit sandwich with egg and cheddar. (Dan's had bacon.)

I couldn't really taste the chipotle, but the biscuit was pretty phenomenal. Hot, buttery, flaky, with lovely burnt cheddar pieces... it went perfectly with the egg and melty cheddar. I wanted another one, but decided there were too many other things to try.

Like this most amazing key lime tart.

The homemade graham cracker crust, as you can see, was very thick. At first it's a little strange that it's so thick and kind of hard to cut through, but one bite of it and you're a goner. The sweet and solid crunch of the crust and the tartness of the key lime filling were a match made in heaven. Han, as she is obsessed with all things key lime, would have loved this. I've had plenty of key lime pies/key lime tarts in my day, and this one definitely ranks in the top 5.

And then, because my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I decided we needed red velvet cupcakes, too.

And, as promised, they were frosted fresh to order. Score. We ate these later in the day, and while the frosting was deliciously smooth and wonderful, the cake itself was just okay. The texture was a little too dense and dry.

It's okay, because now I know what to focus on -- next time I'll just order 10 key lime tarts. :)

1543 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60610
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  1. Ugh. Totally love cheddar biscuit sandwiches aaaaaaand key lime anythings ! Yum.yum.yum.yum!