Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grocery ! I Mei's Pearl Milk Ice Cream Pops

I found these at the 99 Ranch Market in Plano yesterday.  I wonder if they have always been in Asian grocery stores, and I have just been SLEEPING AT THE GROCERY CART WHEEL, because it combines my two favorite loves in life in one very portable package.

I mean.  Pearl milk tea.  As a popsicle??

How would that work?  How is that even possible??!

I stared hard at the package through the frosted freezer door at the grocery store, until I could stand the wait no longer.

I rushed home and ravaged the package immediately.  As you can see, I could not even wait to take a picture until after I stuck my giant chompers through it.

It did indeed taste like a cold cup of pearl milk tea !  The right side has a subtle, slightly bitter tea flavor with bits of chewy pearls, and the left side is sweetened milk, and together, it is simply magic.

I love these.
I hope you try them and fall in love too !

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