Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Breakfast Puff Pastry Sandwich at Panade

I had a really cute breakfast the other day at Panade Puffs & Pastries.

It's a tiny closet of a shop, with a small oven jammed in the back behind a little counter manned by a wisp of a lady. Everything was so small.  I felt giant.  And so strong. (Rarr.)

I ordered a box full of cream puffs for a friend's BBQ, which I didn't take any pictures of, but they were delicious - with lightly sweetened cream in vanilla and green tea flavors with option of fresh fruit added (blackberries, bananas, strawberries).  

While I waited for the cream puffs to be filled to order, I kept myself busy with an egg puff (baked to order) with added slice of ham.

The egg was baked inside the cream puff with medium-cooked yolk - my very, very favorite type of yolk.

The puff pastry shell was crunchy ! The egg was hot and gooey ! The ham was simple and salty ! In summary, it was the perfect breakfast bite that leaves you with just enough room for a cream puff (or five!) !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Tucked away in the weird LES / Chinatown abyss, it's easy to overlook Panade, but don't ! It's an adorable neighborhood gem.

129 Eldridge 
New York, NY
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