Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dinner at Pure Thai Cookhouse

In the sea of mediocre Thai restaurants in Hells Kitchen, comes a new beacon of decent hope from Pure Thai Cookhouse.

Pure Thai, from the same owners as my other favorite uptown Thai eatery (Land Thai, on both the UWS and UES), is a funky little spot wedged on the sad 9th Ave strip.

The vibe is cool and eclectic, with just simple dark woods and funky Asian decor, and a smattering of small tables (no reservations though! It gets busy!).  We opted for a community table in the back, which means you eat alongside strangers, which is fine if you've ever eaten in New York's Chinatown by your lonesome (who needs friends though, when you can eat a whole crispy chicken with garlic sauce by yourself?).

Like Land, Pure Thai has the same amazing veggie dumplings - and I am never one to want to eat veggie anything except for these nutty, spinach wrapped little boogers.

The papaya salad was fresh, perfectly dressed in a spicy, tart and tangy fish sauce.

Veggie eggrolls had a crispy, greaseless wrapper, but would've tasted so much better with pork.  (Because pork belongs in eggrolls always.  Fact.)

The krabi seafood noodles comes with a fun menu disclaimer: "not recommended for novices - please no returns."  It's definitely a funky little soup with pink broth, a pungent fishy aroma, a distinct sour flavor, and if you get spicy, it's. Quite. Spicy.  

It comes with bean curd, fermented tofu, fish balls, calamari, and shrimp so you never quite get bored eating this strange noodle bowl.  It's most peculiar, so get it if you like a bit of fun and funk.  (Funk as in pungent fish.)

The ratchaburi crab and pork dry noodles is a tasty number also, much more mild in flavor, with salty pork, lovely bits of lump crab and slightly sweetened egg noodles.  It was just about the opposite of my soup.  Like a light frolic in the meadow compared to my sour swampland.  Pick your dish based on the type of scenery you're into !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: I am so glad Pure Thai exists in Hells Kitchen, because now I have a place to go eat at in Hells Kitchen, making life slightly more bearable when you have to be in that part of town.

Pure Thai Cookhouse
766 9th Ave
New York, NY
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