Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dallas ! Emporium Pies and KlydeWarren Park

More Dallas restaurant cuteness pops up everyday !  

A jaunt with the nieces to the Bishop Arts district found us at the cute Craftsman-style home of Emporium Pies.

As we drove up, I noted a couple getting some engagement photos on the porch. 
Me: "Look at those two getting their engagement photos here."
Skye: "Why are they doing that?"
I honestly had no clue.  My engagement photos would have slices of pies in my hands, and in my significant other's face.  (This is why I will never be engaged.)

If you get your pies to go, they will be packaged in a cute wooden container, bundled with colored twine and a wooden fork.  Packaging is everything.  I want to eat out of this everyday !

Slices run $5 here, with a rotating selection.  Today's included cherry, bourbon pecan,deep dish apple pie (super deep!) and lemon chiffon.

There was too many to choose from.  My nieces erred on the side of chocolate (they are indeed of my blood!).

Jasmine did not hesitate to order the Smooth Operator, french silk in a pretzel crust.  It was creamy, chocolatey and not as dense as you'd imagine, so you can easily finish off the whole slice (it's that smooth!).

Skye opted for the Ebony & Ivory, described as a buttermilk chess pie swirled with chocolate hazelnut spread.  Swirled is probably an understatement.  The pie tasted like an undercooked chocolate chip cookie bar where a mass of chocolate has sunk to the bottom.  In order words, it was absolutely glorious.  Crunchy. Creamy. Decadent. Swoonworthy.

The Snowball was a light and airy coconut custard confection topped with toasted coconut.  With a buttery crust, it was a perfect midafternoon treat.

After, I tried to make my nieces partake in some physical activity at the newly constructed KlydeWarren park in downtown Dallas to burn off some of the pie poundage.

The park is spacious, clean, and lined with food trucks.  When did this happen, I have no idea, but I am so excited at the prospect !  Food truck choices included banh mi, Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches, sushi, snowcones and more.

The kids play areas have neat little structures on which to scamper.

My favorite is the ropey molecule.  If I was not three times the size of everyone here, I would've totally gotten myself tangled in there, but I didn't want to accidentally smother any small child.

The humidity eventually got the best of us, but Dallas, you are looking pretty spiffy of late !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Emporium Pies is a resounding, definite YES for ladies who dessert, gents to take online girls to impress them with their tender side, and for anyone who is easily charmed by a perfect slice of pie.

314 North Bishop Ave
Dallas, TX
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