Monday, May 13, 2013

Brunch in Harlem: Londel's Supper Club

Londel's is one of those Harlem institutions known for dishing up a lovely Sunday buffet.

Not just any buffet.
A fried chicken buffet.

Silver-lidded buffet servers held southern and soul food delicacies like mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, baked apples, roasted chicken, sausage, BBQ ribs and collard greens.  Post 2p, they bring out potato salad and supposedly pasta (though that never arrived on the day we visited).

Dessert in the form of lemon poundcakes and Italian cookies sealed up the meal, though we feasted more on baskets of cornbread loaves that soaked in pats of butter oh so easily.

I liked how the place filled up after church let out (and I liked having first dibs while everyone was at church).
I liked the collard greens (perfectly tender! not too bitter!) and the cinnamony baked apples (not too mushy!).
And though the fried chicken was not spectacular (completely traditional and straight-forward), I liked the skin, and how a fried chicken buffet essentially means unlimited fried chicken skin.  Thank you, Lord.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Go to have a old-school, traditional Harlem dining experience, but don't expect too much from the standard (not particularly delicious) food.

2620 Frederick Douglas
New York, NY
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