Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thin is in ! Rubirosa and a corn cup from Fonda

(I wish I could do you better justice than these shitty-pix, Rubirosa, but you'll just have to forgive me.)

Rubirosa has become one of my back-pocket staples when it comes to figuring out a restaurant to take a visitor to experience a form of New York pizza, and Italian food, all in one.

The special bruschetta comes one to an order, perfect for Thanan, who prefers not to share anything, especially good-looking bruschetta topped with brussel sprouts, sweet onions and gooey cheese that I watched him pull from the toasted bread like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  "It's good!" he said, stating the complete obvious.  (That cheese string just has to be good.)

Pizza is served with a clover of pretty toppings - red pepper, Italian seasoning and finely grated Parmesan.

Thin pizza makes Jamie look especially Asian - it's a direct correlation !

Pizza at Rubirosa is amazingly thin - a paper crisp crust topped with a myriad of options.  The sausage and broccoli rabe was topped generously with  thinly sliced sweet sausage and tender broccoli.

Though the broccoli rabe pizza is fine, the delectable vodka pizza is definitely the main star here.  The velvety tomato and cream sauce is absolutely titillating on the tongue - slightly tart, a little bit sweet and a lotta bit tasty.

Later visits included orders of pasta which was pretty much drenched in vodka sauce and thus perfect in every way.

Another thing that turned out perfect was their slice of New York cheesecake.  Light and creamy, finishing it was fairly effortless (since it was Thanan's dessert, and he ate it all - haha). 

I love going to Rubirosa.  The service is always solid, the food delicious, and they take reservations ! Who can't get down with that?

After, we celebrated Anne's coming of age at the nearby Tacombi.  She's glad you could be here to celebrate it too !

I can't speak much for Tacombi's tacos and such, but their corn cup is on point.  The combination of chili, mayo and cheese add up to a brilliant cup of spicy, creamy fun! 

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Any way you slice it, Rubirosa is a tasty pizzeria with an addictive vodka sauce.  Definite recommend !

235 Mulberry
New York, NY
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267 Elizabeth
New York, NY

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