Monday, June 10, 2013

Irish breakfast @ Mad Hatter Cafe

Don't you love coworkers who also happen to own amazing cafes? I sure do. Thankfully, we have Michelle - she and her husband Dermot run the Mad Hatter Cafe in Weymouth, MA, serving up delicious breakfast and lunch treats. A few of us stopped by to indulge a couple of weeks ago, and we LOVED it!

First, you have to know that Dermot is Irish - like, legit Irish - and a good portion of the restaurant employees are Irish, too. So, being greeted by a lovely Irish accent the moment you walk in? Awesome. Second, Dermot makes the most fluffy, most perfect eggs. I don't know how he does it. More about that later.

Kevin, Chelsea, Jesse, and I decided to maximize the number of things to try by sharing everything. I strongly encourage doing the same... it's all so tasty!

We ordered the traditional Irish breakfast, because, how could we not? Behold: two eggs, Irish bacon, black & white pudding, sausage, grilled tomato, beans, and homemade soda bread.

I didn't know what to focus on, because every bite was so good. The sausage? Great consistency, flavor, and not at all too salty (which is my complaint about most sausages). Irish bacon? Like a better version of Canadian bacon (read: extra layer of fat). The eggs? Like I mentioned earlier, best eggs ever - fluffy yet substantive, creamy yet not at all soggy. Perfection on par with Shopsins' eggs, and you KNOW how we feel about Shopsins' eggs. And the soda bread! Next time I visit the Mad Hatter, I'm taking a loaf of that soda bread to go. 

We also had to try the crunchy french toast. Yes, encrusted with frosted flakes. Yesssss.

It is as wonderful as it sounds and looks. 

Waffles, too!

Great texture, and the addition of the pure maple syrup made us very happy.

For our final choice, we went with a special - crab cake eggs benedict.

I'm always a fan of crab cake eggs benedict, but this one was even better than normal. The the crab cake itself had a fuller flavor than others, and together it all just melted in my mouth. Now, about the potatoes - I don't know what Dermot puts in these, but they were one of my favorite things about the whole breakfast. I love it when breakfast potatoes are given the love and care they deserve.

Take a few minutes to drive outside of Boston, and visit the Mad Hatter Cafe. It will rock your world. 

119 Main St.
Weymouth, MA 02188
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