Friday, June 21, 2013

Light Bites at Sorella

I worked for this partner at my firm who carries himself as a man with impeccable taste.  Or just very picky.  And very particular.  

And I am not sure if being demanding in the office translates to exquisite food taste, but I was willing to check out Sorella after he described a recent meal there that was so enjoyable that after they finished eating, they ordered more of the same dishes, because they just had to.  It was that good.  

Sorella was surprisingly charming - you open the door, everyone at the bar stares at you like an unwelcome stranger, but the hostess guides you along the dark narrow stretch into a beautiful glass encased patio with simple hanging lights.  Great. Start.

As were the appetizers - veal tartare crowned with fried artichoke chips.  The veal was so soft and light and so delectable with the bright, lemon aioli.

Cool and earthy artichoke hearts were also served on the side.

I cleaned up that pool of aioli later with my tongue.  

The broccoli fritto was the dish that inspired my partner to order multiple, and I could see why.  Verdant broccoli florets have been expertly fried to greaseless perfection - crispy and crunchy and tender all in one.  Doused with hot pepper aioli and basil, the appetizer felt remarkably light and healthy (as much a a fried vegetable can be).

Plates of pasta were good, but not as delicious and satisfying as our starters.  The sausage and banana pepper pasta was fine.  The uneven noodles were slippery and chewy, but while the banana peppers added a nice pickled, spicy element, the texture was a little off-putting.

The lamb and mint pasta was a faithful rendition of a classic flavor profile - gamey, minty and merely fine.

The side of brussel sprouts, bacon, apple and mustard seeds was an attractive plate that elicited envy from our neighboring tables who quickly ordered the side as well.  Though some of the brussels sprouts were bitter, bites with the full experience of thick cut of bacon and apple was fairly enjoyable.

Not shown are the two dreamsicle housemade sodas I guzzled down.  The soda was clear, slightly effervescent and creamy smooth like the ice cream, but refined !  Delicious !

I wish we had a chance to try their housemade gelato, because I'm not sure if I would come again anytime soon.  Though if you want to watch awkward dates, I think this spot attracts them plenty !  We got to hear how this lady handled losing her cell phone on the first date - absolute train wreck.  So fun (and painful) to experience third-party.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Pleasant but not extraordinary.  Skip the pasta and go for small plates only - they're more interesting.

95 Allen
New York, NY
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  1. Looks delish! But my big question for you: Have you tried the cronut yet?

  2. those sprouts look mighty fine!!