Sunday, June 16, 2013

Queso fundido @ El Taco Real

Last month was Dan's bday, so to celebrate, we drove to Hammond, Indiana to visit one of his favorite Mexican restaurants growing up in the Chicago area, El Taco Real. I know... Hammond, IN? Driving through, it didn't look like much, but boy did El Taco Real live up to expectations.

Now this is what I call kitschy appeal.

We started with strawberry margaritas and guacamole.

You can't really mess up either of these items, but I will say that I prefer my guacamole to be a little chunkier, and with more onion or other little crunchy additions.

Then came the most beautiful thing I've ever seen:

Queso fundido with chorizo! Do you see how awesomely broiled the cheese is? The little burnt parts of the cheese are my favorite. Makes for a slight crisp on the top, and below is the best gooey-cheesy-meaty concoction.

More pics for size perspective. You can almost swim in this stuff, it's so big. (Note to self: try to dream about that tonight.)

The whole thing comes out literally piping hot. The chorizo was super tasty and had a great kick. Eating the queso with the provided corn or flour tortillas = perfection. Hands down, the best queso fundido I've ever had.

We also ordered chicken fajitas, which arrived on a similarly ginormous plate.

The fajitas were solid. They didn't blow me away (I am, after all, from Tex-Mex nation), as they could have used more flavor and seasoning, but they weren't bad. Definitely fulfilled our fajita-craving.

Basically, make your way to Hammond, IN for the most ridiculously delicious queso fundido. It may just change your life!

935 Hoffman St
Hammond, IN 46327
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  1. definitely puts the fun in fundido - that broiled cheese crust is amazing !