Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Lobster Joint on the Lower East Side

Oh, seafood, how I love thee so !  I grew up in a household where we had "fish summers," which involved regular family fishing trips in the summer and then proceeding to eat the catches in every meal of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner!).  I miss those times !

In the Northeast, we have the luxury of having so many seafood places, but it's still exciting when a new lobster spot opens up offering all sorts of lobstery dishes like lobster huevos rancheros, lobster mac 'n cheese and others, like with the Lobster Joint !

Fried oysters were served on a coleslawed halfshell, with a golden, crunchy batter, and was a promising starter.

The Connecticut lobster roll was stuffed thick, but the lobster meat lacked much flavor outside of the butter and was a bit stringy.

The fries were plain and fine.  The dish also comes with a huge, fat pickle, which my meal-mate acknowledged was surprisingly tasty.

The lobster shepherd's pie was probably the most exciting thing we ordered, served in a mini cast-iron skillet, and topped with the most buttery layer of mashed potatoes.

Beneath the mashed potatoes were bits of spinach, chunks of lobster (still not flavorful, also a touch overcooked), and mushrooms.  It'd make quite the comforting dish on a cold day, if only it just tasted better!

The service here is low-key.  Order at the register, they staff will bring you the food.  If you get any sort of iced tea or soft drink, do note that when they ask you if you want a refill, you will pay by the glass.  Strange !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: The type of food being served here is C-food, as in they are serving C-level food.  Best to get your lobster fix elsewhere, but it's fine if you are absolutely stuck on the LES.

201 E Houston
New York, NY


  1. ah, disappointing! but so pretty :)

  2. Damn, girl, I love it when you write scathing reviews. I'm headed out for lobster pot pie tonight and sure am glad I wasn't planning to get it here.