Monday, January 7, 2013

Dallas ! Hop to It! Hopdoddy's Brrrrgggrrrr Brrrrr

Dear Dallas,

When did you get so cute and start becoming a little foodie town?

Love, Han & Diana

Everytime we come home to Texas, we are noticing some changes on the culinary front ! Hopdaddy's is a newish spot in the Park Cities area, and originates from Austin (where all delicious things are born).  The burger bar is not shy about how self-sufficient it is, grinding its own meats, baking its own buns, and handcutting its own delectable fries.

The restaurant is bright and spacious, with lots of large wooden tables and hightop seating.  Customers line up in a queue, order at the register, and tables are held for each party by the hostesses.  

There are a dozen hamburger options, half which feature Angus beef, and others that include bison, turkey, lamb and sushi-grade tuna.  Something for everyone !

Drinks are tasty.  Natural fountain sodas from Maine Root Company are available here (the blueberry is most exquisite) in addition to delicious shakes and rain water !

The salted caramel is remarkably light and creamy with a subtle salty aftertaste.  So good.

Diana and I shared a classic burger with thick-cut bacon, cheddar and added fried egg on top (don't yolk around - always seize the moment of getting eggy with anything!).

We were told by our server that nearly all the Asians that frequent Hopdoddy's gets an egg on top, and we were definitely reinforcing that stereotype.  I mean who does not want to see this luscious waterfall dribbling down?

The burger was delicious - the patty was meaty and flavorful, the bun soft and pliant.  If I had to ding them for anything, it'd be that it was slightly overcooked (medium shown below), but the hamburger was still juicy, so we didn't really mind.

Fries are thin, crisp and addictive here.  We ordered a couple batches to eat with the chili con carne, however, our server hooked us up with a complimentary cup of their green chile queso, simply because we were Asian.  We couldn't help but be thankful for our heritage at that moment as both made a satisfying dip for the fries.  They're both different (the chili hearty while the green chile is more mellow but with pep), and you really couldn't go wrong with either.

Lines remained consistently out the door while we feasted, but the waits still appeared minimal, and everyone was still having a merry time !  Worth the small wait !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Hopdoddy's, you're pretty irresistible with those beautiful buns and that sumptuous shake.  Mmmhmm!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar
6030 Luther Ln
Dallas, TX
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  1. Mmm old buns for $1.99. I'm a liiiittle offended by your Austin-over-NYC love, but blueberry soda IS kind of exciting. Although apparently that's from Maine, so I still win.

  2. i would like to repeat everything we ate... SOON!!

  3. Love your blog! Great to see another Dallas blogger writing about food spots :) I just did one for Uncle Uber's in Deep Ellum, have you been there. Such good sandwiches!


    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! Your blog is adorable ! Can't wait to try some of the spots you've highlighted on my next trip home !