Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So Stoop: The Stoop Brunch at Scratchbread

One of my favorite brunches in the city has to be the Stoop Brunch at Scratchbread in Bed-Stuy.  For most, it's a hike, but there's something fantastic about milling around the sidewalks outside the ordering window, eavesdropping on other Brooklynites discussing how their Twin Peaks tattoos were misconstrued as conspiracy theories, and enjoying smashingly unique breakfast treats. All while getting to say the word Stoop over and over, because we know that's endless amounts of fun, right (especially sung to Salt 'n Pepa's ol' tune)?

Pardon the abnormally large head shadow, I promise it's not mine (but easily could be).
The Stoop Brunch is serviced outside from a window, with a couple of wooden benches on the sidewalk, and if you get lucky, someone is throwing away a conference table at the nearby dumpster that you can also use to eat your meal.  It's best to go on a nice day !

Breakfast is served all week beginning at 6, and menu items will vary.  There is usually pizza bread, which is thick and delicious with layers of rich tomato sauce, bits of cheese, drizzles of olive oil and red pepper flakes on light, fluffy bread.

I love the charred edges.

We ordered the Ben, which is usually served on a beautiful looking savory jalapeno muffin, but it proved too popular, so ours was made with a hollowed out parmesan loaf that was just as delightful, with a perfectly soft-boiled egg, thick slop of "stinky cheese" (that was actually not that stinky), kale for health and added bacon for pure joy.

This is one sumptuous shot.

Coming from the South, I should have a natural affinity for grits, but I never have, until now.  Scratchbread's brilliant version can be dressed up to the nines with kale pesto, wood-charred jalapeno sauce, soft egg, and bacon.  You should guss up your grits the whole way too !  It's spectacularly spicy, creamy and just so gosh darn good.

And this is where we shared their truffley buttercream brownie, but you should opt for the whole thing, because we all know you deserve it !

Armed with just a spork, the whole meal may prove to be a messy affair, but affairs are usually messy, but at least with this one, you'll walk away with true unadulterated satisfaction !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: It'd be too stoop to pass this one up ! It's ridiculously Brooklyn, and ridiculously good. 

1069 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. Oh, my god, that egg half with the yolk spilling out of it could be my wallpaper for every single technological device I own. The pizza looks amazing, too. I'm dying! Dying!

  2. i want that pork belly in my belly!!!