Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marlow & Sons: The Bacon Breakfast Biscuit

Today is such a dreary day.  Let's face it.  There's really nothing worth leaving your home for today.  It's drizzly outside.  Cold.  Gross.  Just get back into your pajamas and wait for things to get better (hopefully tomorrow, but who knows!  Maybe you'll be stuck in your apartment forever ! Egad !).

I was out in the elements earlier, and I can assure you that you are not missing on much.

Except maybe this breakfast I had at Marlow & Sons.  It's a real sight for those woefully sore eyes of yours, a shining beacon in this goshdarn wintry mix of ultimate sadness.

Scrambled egg.

Melted cheese. 

(Maybe it's just me, but the sandwich looks like it's smiling at me in the picture below.  It's just as excited to see me as I am it !)

I could not ba-con to describe how tasty this simple little breakfast sammich was to my literally dampened soul.  Slighty sweet, slightly crumbly biscuit with a brilliant buttercrunched top, tangy white cheddar cheese melted over a mound of scrambled eggcellence, and the ol' reliable salty goodness of bacon come together to create a most exquisite breakfast ditty in my mouth.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: For a quick and dirty breakfast, you can't do much butter than this South Billyburg spot.

Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
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  2. that bacon is just... NOT FAIR... want...