Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Providence ! Nick's on Broadway, and I want you to meet him !

You know what's nice?  

You know what's better?
Brunch in the fall.
In Providence !
(Yeah, I'm a wee bit behind :)

Of course, we needed to fuel up properly in order to effectively enjoy all of Mother Nature's seasonal wonders.  And so we met Diana's friends for brunch at one of Providence's top breakfast hotspots, Nick's on Broadway.

Her friends noshed on fishcakes, made from the fresh catch of the day, corn and cheddar polenta and ahi tuna,

while Diana and I shared the eggs benedict style with two plump poached eggs, bacon, housemade biscuits and homefries

(uhm.  so good),

in addition to buttermilk hotcakes served with a warm fruit compote that was divine - like-directly-smeared-from-the-grace-of-God-and-put-on-these-soft,-lovely-pancakes-divine,

aaand a cassoulet of local meats (beef, lamb, pork), beans, two more perfectly poached eggs and grilled bread.

I bean meaning to tell you about this dish, because it was remarkably, and quite unexpectedly, delicious - ultimate comfort food, savory to the core, and just fantastic.

We also ordered a side of home fries because we had no idea that this would come with our eggs benedict, and who can really have enough home fries, especially when it comes as a medley of potatoes, including the much underappreciated sweet potato?

The restaurant filled up fast while we spooned beans, eggs and hotcakes into our pretty mouths, so come early or just wait a little at the bar to devise your brunch strategy - you know you'll want to eat a lot !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: The faces are friendly, the food is delicious, and all I can think about is just how com-potent that pancake topping was.  Definite recommend !

500 Broadway
Providence, RI


  1. that cassoulet and grilled bread!! memories of such delight. :)