Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Noodles for Your Noodle: The Stamina Dipping Soba at Cocoron

Cocoron is Japanese for "heartwarming," and indeed, this tiny spot on the LES offers just the uplifting that your winter-depressed heart so direly needs.

This soba restaurant is cozy beyond belief, seating 14 people tops, with most seats around the bar.  The kitchen is just as cramped, but each dish is still made with diligent care.

Mr. FaP and I both opted for stamina soba noodles, his version is the warm style, with the noodles served inside the premium bonito broth soup,

while mine was served as a dipping style, with a stone pot propped above a small bunsen burner, and the plate of noodles served alongside.

The stamina style comes with one chicken meatball (so tender and moist), a few strips of pork meat, and one particularly meaty and succulent shitake mushroom.

The broth was absolutely delectable, silky and savory from tiny little bits of pork fat.  

To eat the soba with the dipping style, one takes the al dente soba noodles

and drops it into the broth.  Swirl it a bit, then transfer the noodles to the small saucer plate to hold the warmed noodles as you slurp them into your lovely mouth.  Repeat. Swoon. Enjoy!  

Then, after all the noodles are complete, the chef gives you a red pot with hot, starchy water to dilute the broth for you to drink and enjoy the soup to its beautiful end.

Cocoron also has a dessert menu, with homemade mochi, and specials that included the one shown below - mixed berries with tapioca and coconut milk.  It's a rather nice dessert, light and delicate, however the berries are heavily frozen and are a bit too cold to really enjoy after such a comforting meal.  Best to skip this one if you see it !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: I used to think soba was so-bad, but it's honestly because I haven't had it here, where the broths are delicious, the noodles are tasty and the chicken meatballs make me feel plucky !  Definite recommend !

61 Delancey
New York, NY
(cash only!)
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  1. that lovely steam coming from the food is making me all warm and fuzzy inside! :)