Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shopsins Sundays: French toasts and Wiggly Petes

One of the best things that have recently occurred to the New York food scene is Shopsins bringing back brunch on Sundays!  Yes!  For some reason, Saturdays continue escape me, but I can surely get my act together on Sunday to the LES.

I've only attended two Sundays so far, but the year has just begun, and there will be more.  Here are the plates:

Poundcake french toast - half order.

Three thin slices of pound cake, lightly battered and warm.  You might think pound cake is a bit indulgent for breakfast, but all I could think is why no one has ever thought of this before!  The thin slices make it light, the egg cuts the sweetness, and it's just rather delightful.

The Wiggly Pete: 3 poached eggs, pork sausage (I lurve their pork sausage!) + tomatoes + scallions + spicy french bread halved and slathered with green peppery jack cheese.

With three poached eggs and a whole french baguette, this plate can definitely be shared, and everyone should want a tasty piece.

Obligatory popped egg shot.  The eggs were perfectly poached and did not taste vinegary, which I appreciated.  The scallions + tomatoes + sausage + egg were a mighty combination.  I carefully assembled each bite with a piece of each and a chunk of the crusty french bread.  Delicious!

I went kind of crazy and ordered the brown sugar banana pecan french toast also as a side to the Wiggly Pete. 

A full order features three thick slices of bread in their perfect eggy batter serving as a magnet for the thinly sliced bananas, pan-toasted pecans and warm brown sugar.  Instant love flavor combination.   I still have a couple of slices for breakfast tomorrow :-)

Thanan ordered the Singapore breakfast; he loves Asian breakfasts!  The Singapore breakfast features  poached eggs in soy sauce and Ya Kun Kaya toast

I kind of love eggs + soy sauce.  I think I could eat that every day with rice.

Kaya toast is basically bread slathered with butter and a spread made with a touch of pandan syrup.  It is kind of sweet which goes well with the salty poached eggs.

I was contemplating bringing Kenny my copy of Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin on a future visit, but I have no idea if he would be flattered.  I hope he appreciates the cholesterol I am gaining for him though.  Love me some Shopsins!

120 Essex St
New York, NY
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  1. that brownsugarbananapecanfrenchtoast looks so pillowy and perfect! gah. that singapore breakfast is so interesting... i've never had that toast, and now i totally want to :)

  2. One day I want to visit Shopsin's just for the experience and, of course, the food. That said, I'm surprised you snuck in all these photos!

  3. I think they are not as strict as they used to be about photos, ordering, etc, though I do try to take the pictures as fast as I can! That said, there is still abundant, fun profanity every time I go, so the atmosphere is definitely worth the visit, Sara! (and the food!)