Monday, January 31, 2011

Austin Day Trip: Dinner - Odd Duck Farm to Trailer & Gourdoughs

dBest for last.  Naturally.

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer is widely recognized for its delectable gourmet dishes prepared with 100% locally sourced ingredients.  It is located in a gravel pit with a smattering of picnic tables and a trailer neighbor called Gourdough's.  Together, they make the perfect dinner pair.

At night, the glow from the trailers and the strings of lights illuminate the eating area and create a casual, intimate atmosphere with amazingly good food.
Odd Duck's menu changes daily - everything is good, so just arrive early as food can run out by 9:30 p!

The most popular item at Odd Duck has to be their Richardson Farms pork belly sliders with aioli, tomato and arugula

Our pork slider was 95% fat, marinated, thick and velvety smooth.  Serious pork swoonage.

Polenta + roasted broccoli + poached duck egg + fresh grated parmesan cheese

Duck eggs are like 80% golden, indulgent yolk.  The mild creaminess of the thick yolk contrasted nicely with the tangy but smooth polenta.

Beautiful roasted florets. 

Roasted quail with sweet potato.  Some of the best quail I've had (besides my mama's, of course!) - most likely made with a deeply flavorful marinade; the result, a deliciously juicy little bird.

For dessert, Gourdough's is a must.  The gleaming silver trailer is a clear beacon for decadent desserts.

The menu cites many colorfully named doughnuts - all fat and appealing.

It was hard to limit ourselves to just one each, but we managed to make a decision after staring at the menu the entire time we enjoyed our Odd Duck dinner.  The first doughnut selected was the Blackout.  The Blackout features brownie batter, fudge icing, chocolate covered brownies, Oreos and chocolate chips.  (Oh, is that it?) 

The doughnuts are made fresh to order, and the friendly clerk will remind you that your order will take about 15 minutes after placement.  For your patience, you receive a freakishly hot, freshly fried pastry enveloped in chocolate goodness of all shapes and forms.  Death. By. Awesome. Fat. And. Chocolate.

I got the Funky Monkey with a hot, honkin' doughnut hidden beyond all recognition by a thick, luscious coating of cream cheese icing, grilled bananas and a healthy sprinkling of brown sugar.

You might have detected a pattern lately of my ongoing love affair with warm/cooked bananas.  I cannot explain this phenomenon other than the fact that grilled bananas with brown sugar is da bomb diggity.  For realzies.

No trip to Austin should be without a visit to this dynamic duo.  It is just one of the best food experiences one could have.  Seriously.  With a complimentary ceiling of stars at that!

Love the Lone Star State - especially our capitol!

1219 S Lamar, Austin, TX 


  1. Wow is all I can say about those doughnuts. The banana one looks amazing. The quail and polenta also sound great. I love a good poached egg!

  2. i am becoming a poached egg superfan myself!

  3. that pork belly is calling out to me. along with those gorgeous doughnuts!!

  4. Everything here is amazing ESP the poached egg!!

  5. Gourdoughs is definitely a must-go place! I've been there twice in the past year already. Sara's Joy (coconut!) is absolutely delicious along with black out and son of a peach. An added tip for anyone that goes there is to get a scoop of ice cream on top! The cool firm texture of the ice cream goes great with the hot soft donuts :)