Thursday, January 27, 2011

Austin Day Trip: Lunch - Chi'Lantro, Home Slice, Amy's Ice Cream, Mighty Cone

Shortly after polishing off the Don Juan, we headed to find our first food truck, Chi'Lantro.  It is located in the downtown area with a couple of other trucks/trailers and a few picnic tables.  Chi'Lantro specializes in Korean tacos, kimchi fries and other Korean-ex fusion fare like bulgogi quesadillas.

We ordered a couple of bulgogi tacos to share.  You can choose four types of bulgogi: beef, chicken, pork or tofu.  The double layered corn tortilla tacos come dressed with soy vinaigrette Korean salad, cilantro, onion, sesame seeds and Chi'Lantro salsa.
Take a look at that well-marinated beef, bulging through the  corn tortilla seams.  It was quite messy to eat, but thank goodness they gave us a couple sporks to tackle it with.
The Turf 'n Surf trailer is located right next to Chi'Lantro and uses a cardboard box to detail its menu.  My eating partner was a bit creeped out to eat here, but I think Diana and I should most definitely try it out when we tackle Austin.
Cleaned our palates with some Amy's Ice Cream, a local chain in Austin.  Flavors can vary by location, but the most popular, as stated by the clerk, was the Mexican Vanilla.  We sampled it and agreed the deep, rich vanilla tones was a winner.  We mixed it with a Reese's peanut butter cup.  Perfection.
Home Slice Pizza.
Home Slice Pizza is a popular hangout along the Congress strip well known for good, thin New York style pizza.  They sell by the slice or by the pie.  
Proper New York style pizza eating instructions.
I tried the garlic and sausage slice.  The sausage was sliced into thin rounds like pepperoni and sprinkled with tiny minced bits of garlic.  The sauce and cheese made a flavorful background to the tasty garlicy sausage, and the pizza was served crisp and hot like all thin crust pizzas should.  I would eat this simple slice pretty often if I lived nearby.
Pepperoni.  Always good.
Cute after-meal candy!
Near Home Slice are several food truck/trailers.  Some were closed by that team or seriously depleted of their signature goods, so we just had a quick snack at The Mighty Cone, known for serving tacos in cones.
I couldn't eat any more tacos that day, so we opted for their  chili-dusted fries.  Their red picnic tables are topped with a round disc that has several drilled holes to hold the cone cups.
The chili-dusted fries were more salty than spicy, had a chewy crunch but still satiated our fried cravings.
 The sun was beginning to set, so it will be time for dinner soon!

2nd & Congress
Follow their Twitter for locations

1415 South Congress Avenue

Multiple locations

1600 South Congress Avenue


  1. The ice cream and pizza look awesome. I remember when I was a kid I used to add frozen Reese's to a small bowl of ice cream for some extra peanut/chocolate flavor, so that ice cream is right up my alley.

  2. omg i loooove that picnic table!! and we will DEF try out surf 'n turf. who doesn't love cardboard box menus?! sheesh ;)

    btw, sara, thank you SO much for your atl recommendations! they all look so tasty...