Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NY Days: Gottino + Union Square Organic Market + Financier + La Crepe + Rice to Riches

The weather was all drizzles on a past weekend, but Greeshma and I grabbed our finest umbrellas (hers: a survivor of Grenada storms, mine: a Chinatown $5 investment) to start a full-fledged classic New York (read: random / unplanned) day.

We met at Gottino, as I had thought about those steamed scrambled eggs + spoonbread all week since last eating them, and I had Greeshma equally intrigued by the eggs after sending her the video.

We started our meal with their spectacular capuccinos

These capuccinos were fantastically creamy with foam that lasted to the very last drop.  The only bad thing about these capuccinos is that they keep you wanting more!

and though I had not seen the platter of spoonbreads upon entering the restaurant (is it possible they did not have them this fine morning?!), the staff later brought out a tray of them, fresh out of the oven, so of course, we grabbed one of those too:

This is what heaven looks like.

The spoonbreads were still hot and the creme fraiche was, yet again, perfection.


Greeshma deliberated long and hard between the steamed eggs and goat cheese (I think we're in the minority, Diana!), and the steamed eggs with smoked salmon, and the smoked salmon won.  I got my usual. 

Smoked salmon + steamed eggs + pickles that look like olives

My heartattack plate of pancetta + steamed scrambled eggs.

We both loved our food of course. While Greeshma was in the bathroom, the large party seated next to us was celebrating a birthday.  The chef and owner, Jody, delivered to their table two plates of gooey nutella crepes and a coffee cup of ice cream with a candle in it.  It was so cute.  I would recommend everyone to have a brunch birthday here and get the same treatment!

After brunch, we headed to Union Square to check out The Strand, any book aficionado's dream destination with 18 miles of used and new books.  But we got momentarily distracted with the NYC Grows event, featuring organic food demonstrations and green living, happening there in the Square. 

I made Greeshma pose next to vegetables, because she loves them so.

And we somehow found ourselves sampling away at the different booths:

Chilled asparagus soup from Rouge Tomate.  It tastes exactly as it sounds.  Pure asparagus goodness.

Ciao Bella Valhrona chocolate gelato.  Smooth and chocolatey.

Greeshma trying out some yogurt and hemp granola.  We had mistaken the yellow yogurt for vanilla, and much to Greeshma's delight, it was banana.

Mini lemon cakes from Rouge Tomate.  Moist and light!

We then spent a couple of hours in The Strand, made a few purchases and decided to take a short break at my beloved, Financier Patisserie in the Financial District.

Mini madelines served with drink purchases.

Extra large cup of china green tea

The Fraisier - French strawberry shortcake beauty.  Always solid.

Pistachio tart.  A bit too sweet, but the fruit was good.

and then we headed to Century 21 to check out some possible dresses for Greeshma, but instead, I somehow ended up with some new shoes.

After shopping, we headed to a spot that I had found the previous day during my congee + macaron adventure, called La Crepe., a tiny shop in Nolita serving a variety of savory and sweet crepes.

They make each crepe to order on four flat-tops.  Greeshma ordered the baby spinach, goat cheese and olive oil savory crepe, and I ordered the tomato, mozzarella and basil. 

Now some people may think crepes are just crepes.
But the crepes at La Crepe are really special because:
They fold them into a triangle form and SERVE THEM IN  PIZZA SHAPED SLEEVES!

Seriously. This is a differentiator.

Greeshma in La Crepe bliss.

Greeshma's crepe of goat cheese + lovely baby spinach + olive oil

My crepe with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and glorious basil leaves.

The cheese was so stretchy!

The crepes were delicious, and one barely whetted our appetite, but we pried ourselves away from their stools with the promise that we would return again the next day with Belmund to try their sweet ones.  Mehehe.

So...instead we got some dessert from Rice to Riches, a few steps away. 

Rice to Riches, the mecca for all rice pudding lovers.

Daily flavors are featured on the outside of the restaurant.

I sampled this dirty flavor.

It tasted like rocky road ice cream. Yum!

After selecting your rice pudding flavor, you select your toppings (ak.a. Jesus droppings)

Greeshma and I shared a small Hazelnut with toasted pound cake topping

And it was way too much decadence for the both of us, so Greeshma took the rest home and stared at it for the rest of the week.  I probably recommend picking a flavor that doesn't involve mixing pure Nutella into already rich rice pudding.  The re-useable containers are ultra-cute though.

And that was our day!

52 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY‎
(212) 633-2590‎

10 Liberty Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 952-3838‎

51 Spring Street
New York, NY‎
(646) 484-6897‎

37 Spring Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 274-0008‎

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  1. hahah we are totally in the minority, but i think people will come to their senses soon. ;)

    WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY!!! i want that lemon cake now, please. oh, and the steamed eggs and spoonbread. and the crepes. and everything else...

    those pickles are funny lookin'.