Thursday, May 20, 2010

U-City Grill: Korean Diner

St. Louis isn't known for its variety of Korean food, but if you ever need a quick and tasty meal to fill the Korean craving, go to U-City Grill. It's kind of a hole-in-the-wall located just behind the Loop. Most of the seating is at the bar, where you can watch your food being made. Though let's not kid ourselves, you don't go to U-City Grill for the atmosphere or service - you go for the cheap (cash only!) and delicious Korean eats.

I suppose you could try the 'normal' diner fare (eggs, hash browns, bacon, etc), but why would you when the bibimbap is super solid? Mike, Julie, and I all got the bibimbap with beef. Unfortunately, the bibimbap isn't served in a stone pot... but hey, this is a diner after all. And it still looks delectable:

I broke the egg yolk so you could see how it runs over everything underneath it. I'm pretty sure Han is drooling right now.

Now we just mix it all up. Mike and Julie are bibimbap mixing experts:

My bowl, post-mixing. All the ingredients together were really tasty - it had the right amount of veggies, the rice was perfectly steamed and sticky, and the beef was yummily marinated and thinly sliced (and fatty/crumbly enough to fall within my pescetarian exceptions *grin*). I also thought the amount of gochujang (the red hot sauce) was just right, though I'm sure you could ask for more or less depending on your tolerance.

Check this place out, folks! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

U-City Grill
6696 Enright Avenue
St Louis, MO 63130

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  1. i was just thinking yesterday about other foods i can eat a fried egg on top. the answer was: everything !

    loooove bibimbap. now i want some. gah !