Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream in Greenpoint

On the same day as the Doughnut Plant, Shopsin's and Hester Street Fair (my Saturday was a serious marathon), I also headed up to Greenpoint to check out the Greenpoint Food Market, but due to our wonderful NY Transit system on weekends, I did not quite get there on time.

I was then stuck in Greenpoint with a belly already full of doughnuts, so I couldn't even do Peter Pan Bakery to make my trip worthwhile (no really, I could not.  I am but only human!).

But you know what my stomach always has room for?

Ice cream.

I know your stomach always does too.  Don't deny it.

So, near the shuttle station was a Van Leeuwen Ice Cream shop which has always attracted me because of the bright yellow hanging nameplate and a blessing from Greeshma (I think she loves their coffee).  They specialize in pure, natural ice cream made from hormone free milk and no preservatives, stabilizers or unnatural emulsifiers.

They were out of the Earl Grey and Currant flavors, which was fine by me, because I couldn't get past the cinnamon and ginger flavor options.  I think you can see by now that I do not stray far outside my flavor box.

Ginger and cinnamon ice cream in the small size

I always appreciate perfecty round ice cream scoops.

The cinnamon was good but not great.  I find myself comparing all cinnamon ice cream and gelatos back to Il Laboratorio del Gelato and no other place compares.  The cinnamon flavor was not strong enough, but the texture of the ice cream was fine and smooth.

Ginger was the same story.  I could hardly discern any ginger notes in the ice cream though sometimes I could spot a strand of ginger here and there.

I really wanted to like Van Leeuwen, but I just was not impressed.  Perhaps it's the flavors I picked, but I think I'm sticking with Il Laboratorio here on out for ice cream / gelato cravings.

And then while I ate my cup of ice cream and waited for the shuttle, this vagrant told me I looked really pretty.  I think anyone holding a cup of ice cream automatically looks a little better.

632 Manhattan Ave
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
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  1. hahahah omg these flavors sound so good. they had CURRANT?! that is so sad they were out of that, because i totally would have eaten a gallon.

  2. their mint chocolate chip is suuuper tasty, nice and smooth and leaves your breath all minty fresh- in an organic, non mouthwash kind of way :)

  3. Ahh ! The mint chocolate chip !! Okay, I will have to try that next time.