Friday, May 7, 2010

Seki's: looks like Japan, tastes like Missouri

For someone who doesn't like raw fish, I sure do eat a lot of sushi. This time, Jake, Dave, and I headed to Seki's on the loop to celebrate Jake's recent acquisition of a job (yayyy!).

Ever since watching The Ramen Girl (bad movie, don't do it. My excuse is that I watched it on a plane), I've been hyper-curious about ramen. The only ramen I've ever eaten is out of a package, and one day I hope to eat the real deal. Seki's version is supposed to be the real deal, but sadly it is not.

It tasted to me like nothing special. There was 1 piece of pork, and 1 piece of seaweed. The broth was super salty, and other than that kind of bland. Guess I will have to wait to visit a bigger city (or just fly to Japan!) to eat some real ramen!

The ramen came with a couple of gyoza and fried chicken pieces. Both were pretty standard, nothing special. Wasabi's gyoza is a hundred times better.

It sure is gorgeously crispy though.

Jake ordered the sushi appetizer and the Loop roll:

Evidence of raw fish in the above picture. Therefore, I did not try. But Seki's gets points for the way this roll looked - so colorful! And the tamago in the sushi appetizer was pretty delish.

I went with my go-to roll: eel and avocado.

There is a TON of eel in this roll, which is awesome, since I hate it when restaurants skimp on my precious eel. Seki's makes their rolls a little too big, though. I prefer them smaller so that I can just pop 'em in my mouth. The sushi rice (a large part of how I judge sushi places!) was also not as fresh as Wasabi's.

Here's Dave's tempura udon. I didn't try it, but it looks pretty solid.

All in all, I would skip Seki's if you're looking for great sushi. Jake would disagree - he prefers Seki's, though he might admit it's only because Seki's authentic atmosphere makes him feel more like he's in Japan.

And Seki's has something Wasabi doesn't have: pictures of adorable babies on the wall!

O.m.g. I could really eat these babies. Greeshma could, too.

Seki's Japanese Restaurant
6335 Delmar Boulevard
St Louis, MO 63130


  1. omg that baby with the hair standing up is SO PRECIOUS !!!

    i hate when sushi rolls are too big too. we will eat ramen when you come visit. hopefully ours is better !

  2. soooo cute!!! too bad the place was disappointing