Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Square Slices and A Round Pie at Di Fara's

En route to Coney Island this summer, we paid a visit to our dear friend Di Fara for a very long-awaited pizza meal !

Heather and Harry !
The wait was not terrible, perhaps 15 or so minutes for the slices and about 20 minutes on top of that for the full pie.  It helps to visit Di Fara on a Monday holiday.  Seems New Yorkers get the heck out of dodge for Memorial Day, making it prime pizza picking time at Di Fara!

Our order is scribbled in the bottom left of this sheet.  Triple H.  Holla!
We ordered one square vegan slice for our pal Ryan.  Di Fara's son was super nice about making the slice vegan for us and warned that some parmesan cheese may accidentally be dusted on it.  We said we would take our chances, and just failed to mention that small disclaimer to Ryan.  It worked out alright though !

The cheeseless slice looked positively radiant, topped thick with sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli rabe.  

The rest of us shared one plain square slice as an appetizer to our full round pepperoni pie.  The square slice was absolutely delightful - the bottom crust was so crunchy, practically fried in the oven by the generously drizzled layer of olive oil at the bottom of the baking sheet.

Though I definitely enjoyed the pizza, my favorite part of the whole dining experience was watching Di Fara in the kitchen working his magic.

And soon we were watching him make our pepperoni pie !

Swift scissor snips released lovely leaves of basil onto the bubbling pizza surface.  

And with a heavy pour of olive oil, Di Fara completed our pizza masterpiece.

Excitement !

And the pizza was terrifically satisfying: fresh flavors evident of high quality Italian imported ingredients, and the whole pie imbued with the utter charm of a truly remarkable pizza artisan.

I simply cannot wait for a return visit !

1424 Avenue J
Brookyn, NY
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  1. Don't tell anyone that I've never been here. It probably has something to do with the words "Avenue J". But it looks amaaaaaaazing.