Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amsterdam Falafelshop

I'm no expert on falafel, but I think many people would agree with me that the best falafel (at least what you can find in the States), resides at Amsterdam Falafelshop. I discovered this heavenly place when I lived in D.C. after college, and since leaving D.C., I always lamented that I didn't go more often. But now the falafel gods have answered my prayers... Amsterdam Falafelshop has opened a second location in Boston!!

Seriously, best news ever.

Alex, Lauren, and I ventured to the Boston location very recently, and I'm already plotting a return trip. It's located in Davis Square in Somerville (shout-out to Alex's ol' hood!).

The shop is pretty much just like the one in D.C. Small space, not very much seating, but full of personality.

You order a small or regular falafel sandwich or bowl. The small has four falafel balls, and trust me, that's enough. You're going to want to load up on toppings.

At the front of the toppings bar, there's garlic cream and tahini sauce. Alex understands that both are a must.

The toppings bar is glorious and colorful.

There's baba ganoush, hummus, purple cabbage, onions, pickles, and a whole host of other amazing things.

And please, do not forget to order fries. They are fried to perfection, and there are a ton of delicious dipping sauces.

My favorite dipping sauce is the garlic cream (reason = self-explanatory), but a close runner-up would be the curry ketchup. Talk about spicing up your ketchup! And I don't know if you can tell in the first picture, but the fries are placed in a hole in the table. Every table top has a hole cut in it so that you can put your cone of fries in an easy-to-reach, stable place. I am seriously in love with these people.

Okay, back to falafel. The falafel itself is wonderfully crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, providing just enough crumble. Here are some of our falafel sandwich creations:

They look happy, don't they? We were this happy the whole meal. Oh, and and don't forget to take a moment and appreciate the wheat pita bread (white is also an option, but I think wheat is tastier). The pita is lovingly toasted, supremely tasty, and it's the only thing standing between you and a mess of fallen toppings. 

Make a trip to Amsterdam Falafelshop. It's light on your wallet and OHSOGOOD on your taste buds.

248 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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  1. hahaha those sandwiches are giaaaaaaaaant ! love it :)

  2. Omg! Everything looks so delicious! I am feeling hungry now. You have got a really nice blog. Take care :)